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Become an independent therapist and start your own beauty business from just a £399 investment!

Suppose you're considering starting your own aesthetics business but don't have much money to invest outright. In that case, with Zemits UK, you can become an excellent mobile therapist at a low investment cost.
If you're a newly qualified therapist and don't have the resources or business knowledge to open a salon, becoming a mobile therapist is the best way to improve your skills, grow your loyal clientele and collect good references.

Advantages of independent beauty business:

1. With little to no startup costs, the main benefit of starting a mobile business is the lack of financial burden. You have no monthly invoices for rent and utilities, which removes a lot of pressure.

2. The world is your oyster, so you can spend time targeting your ideal client base. You can also appeal to a broader spectrum of people, such as those working from home, stay-at-home mothers, housebound clients, etc. You can offer bridal beauty parties or organise regular slots in an unused office space to treat more clients without travelling.

3. Another big difference is the nature of employment. If you go down the mobile route, you're choosing to become your boss and be in complete control of your clients and working hours. It gives you considerable freedom as you can work your services around your schedule. However, you may have to work unsociable hours, like late evenings or early mornings, as those times are the most popular.

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Tips from Zemits:
  • Shop for professional but lightweight wireless equipment. You will have a lot of equipment to carry around, especially to and from the car.
  • Subscribe for an online or mobile booking application that will help you be well organised because it's just you – you can't afford to forget anything.
  • You must consider set-up and clean-up time when managing your appointments.
  • When you advertise your services, specify your "working area". You can't have clients scattered all over the city and lose half of your day travelling or in traffic.

Treatment list

⭐️ Your services will depend on your skill level, experience and qualifications. You might hone in on one of these skills, making it your speciality and offering a range of options in that area, or you might decide to provide a few different services.

⭐️ Remember that you can always add more protocols as you grow.

⭐️ You might also consider tailoring your "beauty menu" for a particular market – for example, offering facials for brides or targeting clients with signs of ageing.

⭐️ However, don't forget that you might be limited in space, and your professional equipment should be compact.
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Our professional wireless handheld devices can help you create a significant treatment list
from just £399 for the starter kit.

Zemits Handhelds Can Provide Treatment for:

  • Skin Cleansing and Exfoliation.
  • Nutrition and Rejuvenation
  • LED Light Therapy for Pigmentation
  • Signs of Ageing
  • Hot, Cold and Galvanic Infusion
  • Cellulite Reduction and Lymphatic Drainage

Mono-Functional Devices for Effective Anti-Ageing Treatments.

Zemits Klein RF Skin Tightening device designed for precise facial and neck treatments. The smaller bipolar RF handpiece has a flat surface and circular electrodes. Therefore, it is a perfect tool for around eyes and lips treatment. The bigger four-polar RF handpiece also has a flat surface allowing safe and comfortable skin tightening facials. This handpiece is perfect for the neck, decollete, forehead and cheeks.
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Zemits CrystalFrax is a 3-in-1 Fractional RF System. Zemits CrystalFrax delivers a non-invasive Radio Frequency technology that remodels collagen and boosts skin tightening. With fully adjustable settings, Zemits CrystalFrax can be used for precise skin-rejuvenating facial and body treatments.
Or Zemits Adrinox 2.0, a microcurrent therapy device for face and body skin rejuvenating procedures and lymphatic drainage massage. The set includes ball and disc tip probes, a cotton swab probe for sensitive skin and microcurrent gloves.

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If you perform a cleansing and exfoliation procedure, an excellent finishing for the treatment will be needle-free mesotherapy with Zemits Klein EL. This device allows the penetration of UP TO 70% of active ingredients into the client's skin! In addition, needle-free mesotherapy (electroporation) treatment is pain-free, with no injections and no recovery period, allowing you to work with liquid or gel meso cocktails.

Mono-Functional Devices for Effective Treatments for Body.

Some people feel uncomfortable visiting a spa or clinic for body treatments and prefer mobile therapists to see them at home in a safe and comfy environment. You can offer amazing body sculpting treatments for that clientele with Zemits Leger 2.0.

1. Vacuum massage of buttocks and hips
The vacuum massage treatment will relax your client during lymphatic stimulation. In addition, vacuum cups improve blood circulation and eliminate cellulite.

2. Anti-cellulite vacuum roller massage
It allows you to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits, break them down, remove them from the body along with toxins, and activate fat-burning processes.

3. Face lymph massage
Facial lymphatic massage helps to eliminate puffiness. In addition, lymphatic facial stimulation removes excess fluid, which leads to muscle relaxation. As a result, the face acquires a clear outline and slimming contour.
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Zemits LipoPremo Pressotherapy is a completely non-invasive, holistic treatment that is 100% hands free that brings additional opportunities to the providers. Pressotherapy is also recognized as one of the most advanced and natural ways to treat cellulite, improve blood and lymphatic flow, and release toxins for fat reduction and overall body health.
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These devices are lightweight, small, and easy to carry for mobile therapists!
In combination with our potent Professional Zemits Skincare, you can guarantee fantastic results to your clients and expect great reviews and recommendations!

How to Succeed as a Mobile Beauty Therapist?

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