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What is the best non-surgical weight loss treatment?

Is there one proven instrument for effective weight loss? The answer is NO. You can't encourage your clients and give promises that there is one magic pill. However, you can help them make an educated choice between non-invasive and invasive solutions and promote your treatments.

Non-surgical or non-invasive weight loss treatments use professional aesthetic technologies to destroy adipose cells to reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat on areas of the body that diet and exercise cannot often reach.

For example, ultrasonic cavitation with the Zemits Bionexis Lite or Abigon PRO is a combination system that destroys fat cells. As a result, it decreases the appearance of cellulite and circumference on areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms within a few weekly sessions. In addition, cavitation is often used to correct defects after surgical liposuction or other surgeries.

Zemits Abigon Pro's powerful slimming system

There are even more possibilities for body contouring with the five ergonomic Zemits Abigon Pro handpieces:

⭐️ Ultrasonic cavitation for working out local fat deposits.

⭐️ Vacuum massage combined with RF. The innovative idea of ​​merging radio lifting and vacuum makes it possible to work out the necessary zones as deeply as possible and get visible results.

⭐️ The multipolar RF handpiece is ideal for targeting deeper into the skin.

⭐️ The tripolar RF-lifting handpiece is designed to work with the lower third of the face, addressing "double-chin", thus creating the effect of a slimmer and sculpted look.

⭐️ The bipolar RF handpiece has a limited impact depth of 2 mm.

Combine session with vacuum massage with RF and infrared laser, LED light. Radiofrequency causes an immediate contraction of existing collagen fibres and promotes instant skin tightening. The exact time vacuum massage allows RF energy to penetrate the body skin up to 5-15 mm deep, significantly improving the effect and safety of the procedure without affecting other tissues.

Zemits Bionexis Lite's multifunctional platform

In addition, Zemits Bionexis Lite positively affects lymph activation and accelerates blood circulation and cell metabolism, improving the connective tissue condition. The treatment works with your body's natural elimination and detoxification processes. The result is permanent if you keep an active and healthy lifestyle because fat is removed gently without harming the vascular system and postoperative symptoms such as scarring and swelling.

Zemits Bionexis Lite is FDA approved and results-driven device that uses potent ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue, blood vessels and muscles. The body then absorbs the broken down fat content and clears it through its natural metabolic processes. The body sculpting system has four handles:
  • Large RF Heated Infrared Body Attachment.
  • Medium applicator with RF heating and infrared light for small body areas.
  • Small applicator with RF heating and infrared light for the face.
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Body applicator.
Sessions are pain-free with no downtime and instant, long-lasting results. In addition, the protocol allows your client to carry on routine activities before and after the sessions.

Effective weight loss protocols

It is highly recommended to add pressotherapy as a part of weight loss protocol. Aesthetic practice shows that the bundle treatments of cavitation with pressotherapy allow for achieving desired slimming results faster.

Zemits Sisley 2.0 is a professional device for carrying out pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage protocols, using a new and updated 24 channels system. The device is made of a metal body and has four power levels for effective and tailored protocols to address all body areas, i.e., the legs, buttocks, waist and arms.

It is also a modern technology for treating athletes and clients with oedema problems. Dynamic air compression treatment can be used with seaweed wraps to detoxify, firm, tone, improve circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage.

This treatment is versatile, and it works great when paired with other body sculpting techniques. In addition, pressotherapy is a 100% effective lymphatic drainage treatment, as it is necessary to provide a lymph drainage massage to support the removal of fluids and toxins from the treated body areas.
At Zemits UK, we always advocate for non-invasive technologies for effective weight loss, body shaping, and skin tightening more naturally and safely. Zemits Bionexis Lite targets body fat and cellulite from multiple angles to deliver some of the best non-surgical results available without downtime or recovery.

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