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Zemits Sisley 2.0 is a professional device for lymphatic drainage treatments. It uses an advanced compression suit with 24 air chambers. The system has four intensity levels, and the suit is made of durable material, one size fits all of metal. The suit is made of tear-resistant material that is easy to clean, sanitise, and adjustable to all body shapes.
⭐️The device impresses with an easy-to-use interface and the advanced D-Press pressure control system.
⭐️ 4 levels of intensity (from 120 to 240 mm Hg) for effective and tailored protocols to treat all areas of the body: legs, stomach, buttocks and arms. The one-size-fits-all suit is made from high-strength fabric for maximum comfort.
⭐️ Smart Design. The Sisley machine has a metal body and durable elastic air tubing.
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Sisley 2.0 will ensure therapy efficiency and be a promising investment that will pay off quickly.

Thanks to the proven technology of pressotherapy, Zemits Sisley 2.0 has a positive effect on well-being and is perfectly combined with various contouring methods. In conjunction with cavitation or cryolipolysis, toxins must be removed to avoid water retention and other residues after local application.
Pressotherapy positively affects skin texture, improves elasticity, and reduces the visual "orange peel|" of cellulite. Zemits Sisley 2.0 will become a primary device for the salon or spa, both as a stand-alone procedure and as an addition to other treatments.

The suit is made of tear-resistant material that is easy to clean, sanitise, and adjustable to all body shapes.
Rizhan Akhilyane
I bought my Zemits machines about 6 months ago and I am a very satisfied customer. First of all, I want to mention the Zemits UK support team; they are always there for me. They answer every little question I have. I don't know how much patience they have for me. My Zemits Sisley pressotherapy machine is my add-on treatment, as I specialise in facials. I can offer two services, such as a lymphatic drainage massage while I do facial treatment, and all my clients are very happy with this. No, I can offer more treatments and new clients as I can offer more services.
I've recently bought three of the Zemits devices. The Crystalfrax was the device I was primarily looking for, but I also added on the GlareOxy, which is the oxygenation therapy, and also the Sisley 2.0, which is pressotherapy therapy – all treatments that my patients are demanding within my clinic. Actually, the reason I bought three in very quick succession is the customer service has been great, and the training has been very personalized – one-to-one, or in our case, we had two-to-one with the trainer.
Sussex Aesthetics
First of all, I'd like to mention that Zemits, you know, support team is amazing. It's truly amazing, and I must say it's a massive upgrade in my treatment room. Now, I can offer more treatments, fast results, and my clients are super happy. I'll get more new clients because of the services I offer, and the results speak for themselves. So, I will be back for more Zemits products, and I would highly recommend them to everyone.
Spa Owner
Daniela Nichitelea
I purchased the new sisley pressing machine and i was so happy with the whole experience!So far so happy,i will definitely purchase more machines from them!
Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage is one of my most favourite treatments to offer at the clinic! You don’t see many of these machines outside the big city clinics, so I’m so glad I invested in this machine and can offer this amazing treatment in Bedfordshire!
Skincare specialist
Sussex Aesthetics & Academy LTD
This seasons hottest topic!
Pressotherapy or automated lymphatic drainage… the names it’s been given are endless but the technology is the same!
.the aim to eradicate the body of excess fluid and toxins. As a consequence this leaves firmer, tighter and a more sculpted appearance of the body including greater cosmetic appearance to cellulite oedema.
Award Winning Clinic
veronica sem_beauty
Pressotherapy treatment is used to:
✔️Duplicate the action on the body of massage
✔️Repress the blood through slow and progressive pressure
✔️Lessen telangiectasis
✔️Lymphatic drainage
✔️Assist in kidney function
✔️Assist in healthy heart function
✔️Assist in premenstrual oedema
✔️Improve poor skin tone and reduce bags under the eyes
Beauty Therapist
Top to toe treatment-face massage and pressotherapy all in one treatment.Time saving and endless benefit for all your body
Beauty therapist
Nikki Martin-cox
With Zemits Sisley 2.0, by providing lymphatic drainage, this process has a positive effect on the skin's relief, restores its elasticity and firmness, reduces stagnant intercellular oedema in the lymph and reduces cellulite also known as "orange peel"
Massage treatments specialising
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⭐️ 100% holistic treatment. The session is very relaxing, and clients often fall asleep during the pressotherapy treatment while Zemits Sisley 2.0 continues its effective lymphatic massage.
⭐️ Designed for professionals: Aestheticians and massage therapists can administer treatments without doctor supervision.
⭐️ Dual-action: effective weight-loss skin laxity and improving general well-being simultaneously.
⭐️ Adjustable settings and four levels of Compression Power (120 to 240 mmHg) for effective and tailored treatments.
⭐️ Affordable prices compared to similar products on the market without compromising technology, quality, and no consumables.
⭐️ Hands-free short sessions. Pressotherapy treatment takes an average of 30-45 minutes, allowing more booking.


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