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How to treat water retention? Valuable advice from Zemits UK

Water retention, known as oedema, is swelling in body parts. Often, a patient can experience water retention in the legs, ankles, face, and hands caused by fluid buildup in body tissues. Reasons for water retention can be a sign of a health condition or provoked by lifestyle.

Symptoms of water retention can include:
  • bloating, specifically in the abdominal area;
  • swollen legs, feet, and ankles;
  • puffiness of the abdomen, face, and hips;
  • inflexible joints;
  • weight instabilities.

What causes water retention?

⭐️ Lack of physical activity. Physically inactive people — whether they have to sit all day at work or don't have an active lifestyle — may be affected by fluid retention, especially in the lower legs.

⭐️ Obesity or Malnutrition. Increased core, arms, and legs water retention may be associated with obesity. On the other hand, a severe protein deficiency can cause kwashiorkor, a condition characterised by fluid retention and an enlarged stomach.

⭐️ Bad habits. The negative impact of overconsuming alcohol and smoking can slow down intracellular metabolism. Such an unbalanced fluid regime provokes swelling.

⭐️ Insomnia. A lack of sleep may affect your body's ability to control its water levels and absorb sodium.

⭐️ Poor lymphatic system. The lymphatic system pushes lymph through the body. The lymphatic system supplies and reabsorbs the water, allowing the body to maintain fluid balance. Fluid can build up around the tissues, with the lymphatic system working poorly.

To help your client, you should provide a list of advice. Some lifestyle changes and treatments can help reduce water retention when not caused by a severe health condition.
Zemits professionals have some recommendations for practitioners to help their clients who struggle with fluid retention.

It may appear counter-intuitive, but consuming water daily could help prevent water retention.
  • Daily hydration. When dehydrated, your body will hold onto water to help you through a drought. Consuming 1-2 litres shows the body there's no need to hold on to water unnecessarily.
  • Change of diet. A diet lacking specific vitamins and minerals may contribute to water retention. Additionally, salty and sweet foods can significantly affect your body's ability to absorb and release water from its cells.
  • Good sleep habits. A lack of sleep may affect your body's ability to control its water levels and absorb sodium. In addition, while we sleep, many crucial bodily functions such as cell regeneration and repair are allowed to happen.
  • Pressotherapy for lymph drainage with Zemits Sisley 2.0. Sometimes patients need faster relief, and changing their lifestyle takes time and effort.

Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage with Zemits Sisley 2.0

Zemits Sisley 2.0 is a professional device for carrying out pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage protocols, using a new and updated 24 channels system.

Our Pressotherapy device Sisley is user-friendly and easy to operate. The benefits of lymphatic drainage Pressotherapy are endless. It helps boost the immune system, tone and relax the muscles, and speed up blood circulation. So if your client is on a diet or back into shape regimen, using the device twice a week will help eliminate toxins and water retention and normalise the digestive system.

Zemits LipoPremo Lymphatic drainage Compression System

For a mobile therapist, we designed Zemits Lipopremo. A compact pressotherapy boots for safe and effective body Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Zemits LipoPremo is a professional, hands-off treatment system designed with a 12-chamber compression system that allows for dynamically targeted treatments of the legs.

Pressotherapy is an entirely non-invasive, holistic treatment that is 100% hands-free that brings additional opportunities to the practitioners. Pressotherapy is also recognised as one of the most advanced and natural ways to treat cellulite, improve blood and lymphatic flow, and release toxins for fat reduction and overall body health.

Pressotherapy involves relaxing compression therapy to stimulate the body's already naturally occurring flow. The treatment has no downtime, and no current or electrical stimulation is introduced to the body, meaning low contraindications, treatment limitation, and more significant potential for growing clientele.

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