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Starting a Mobile Beauty Business with Zemits Skincare?

Here are some key points to get started…

In this article we have compiled some advice from a Zemits Skincare professional. We hope they offer you some simple steps on how you can get started — and build a resilient mobile business, even during these turbulent times.

Nuno Gois - Zemits skincare training professional

I have been working in the Beauty Industry for many years, and currently providing training and support for Zemits’s skincare systems. Often during a training session with a client, a question pops up. Is now the best time to start a mobile beauty business?

I have found through the recent months during unprecedented times that many of them — who are very professional and knowledgeable — are now considering going mobile with their businesses, also many therapists who have lost their salon or spa roles have started to consider a start-up of their own.

All the recent changes have made us take ownership, in order to have full control of creating their own beauty treatment offering, revenue, and flexible working hours.

Many of my peers and newly trained graduates often ask: What do we do now?

With the recent events surrounding the pandemic, and with times of economiс uncertainty, so many clinics and beauty businesses haven’t been able to stay open, or have had limited capacity due to public health considerations and new health and safety measures.
Is there a solution? What are the next steps to consider? Should you set up and work as a mobile business?
We say: YES, absolutely! You can get started today with Zemits, even working from home.
The demand for self-care has increased exponentially and we can support you through the usage of our handheld devices. Even through economic hardships the demand for treatments is always high, and the quest for beauty is ever-present!
But this is what I would ask myself: before making any decisions. It’s worth doing some homework into your market and niche. As with any business, there are pros and cons, plus approaches to consider based on how you want to see your business to operate — and thrive!
Key factors to consider before starting up or going mobile:
1. Who is my ideal client, and what are their skincare needs? What am I passionate
about, and in what “niche” of beauty treatments do I specialise?
2. What qualifications and expertise do I currently possess?
3. How will I be commuting to and from clients? Public transport versus own car?
Operational costs? Cost per treatment? Profit per treatment?
Answering the above points helps you to identify which treatments and protocols you will be offering.
For example: do you want to offer all treatments on your service menu, or do you prefer to start small and specialise in just one specific treatment to target it to your niche?
Either way, you can expand your services as you go based on client’s feedback and needs. I find this can be a good guide!

Question friends, family, and existing clients what treatments they love the most or would like to try. Read specialist beauty therapy magazines or blogs, or go online and research industry or beauty therapies trends on social media, what is highly rated and what is not, what is popular and what is not.
That said, at Zemits we are right on the pulse of being highly relevant and in demand, and we offer powerful, compact, and lightweight hand-held devices which are ideal for mobile treatment services. Trending treatments for tackling cellulite, skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing include:
❤️ Zemits MarvelouSlim
❤️ Zemits Sonosilk
❤️ Zemits Ultraglow

What professional skincare products/equipment do I need?

HOW would I be able to compete with salons and their treatment menus which
require large equipment?

Zemits offers state of the art modern technologies as well as attention to detail on the aesthetics of the devices we create, not only for Professional use but also extended onto our handheld designs. At Zemits we give you training and support, and with the professional acumen as your background, you can get started with your choice of equipment today.
We definitely recommend you use an app or digital tool that offers an appointment
diary, as well as virtual consultation forms to contact your clients. Paper forms are
now virtually obsolete (so to speak), particularly during this pandemic.
Digital marketing strategies are essential to promote your new business. You can either DIY, or outsource it to a pro. And even if you don’t have a big budget, consider using a community forum, your own website, or social platform so that clients can find you.

What about… my website?

It is recommended that you create one for your mobile beauty business, even if it is simply a one page site to introduce your services, and what treatments you can offer to your potential clients. If you already have a website, make sure you have good visibility with good SEO (when people use search engines to find therapists in their local area). Build trust by sharing testimonials on your page, as well as offering appointment tools to easily get more bookings. We also advise you to update your website regularly, and provide clients with the newest info on the safety measures in line with government advice and regulations due to Covid-19.
As always, make sure to research your market, the latest trends, and most popular
treatments that are in high demand.
Tip: Make sure you clearly display your business’ terms and conditions,
cancellation policy, FAQs, both for transparency and for your clients’ peace of
Moreover, feel free to book training with me for Zemits skincare systems, and I will happily answer all your questions, and show you how to get started with these highly rated treatments.

So your menu is sorted, devices are purchased… what’s next?

“But… I don’t use Social media!” I have heard this time and time again from beauty professionals and Zemits clients I have trained. While social platforms like Instagram are not essential, websites are a great tool to help build and promote your mobile beauty business, and showcase your professional skills and treatments.
Take a moment to visualise yourself as your client. We have all become very social media savvy. For example, if you post a classic “before & after” photo of your work, this action will instantly connect you to potential clients. Then more followers can turn to clients when they see the remarkable results, thinking, “I need this treatment, too!”
At Zemits, by using our skincare systems, devices and products, we offer you digital marketing support in the form of imagery, Instagram posts, and printable banners to use as the starting point for your new mobile beauty business.

So are you ready to get your new mobile business launched with Zemits?

In summary, being a mobile therapist allows you to start up small with low setup costs. It allows you to build a closer relationship with your potential clients compared to working at a salon as you'll visit them in their personal space (following the latest guidance for health and safety measures to protect you and clients from Covid-19). Once you have completed a few treatments, clients will gain your trust thanks to your professionalism and high-quality service, and they will most likely book their next appointment with you!
Tip: At the end of an appointment, ask your client’s availability, swap
calendars, and secure a follow-up appointment.
Clients who are happy with your mobile salon treatments are more likely to recommend you to family and friends. Consider showing these referrals on your website or social media business profile. We all know that word of mouth is a powerful tool to bring trust and safety into your business, which in turn will allow you to grow further. Why not set up a reward scheme as a way of giving back to repeat clients? This can be in the form of treat points for their next appointment, or a special offer when a friend books thanks to their referral.

Safety first!

As a male therapist, and having worked with mainly female therapists, certain fears or concerns can arise with a mobile salon business. As a safety measure, I always advise my peers to consider having a key contact to alert in case of emergency when visiting a new client’s home.

The Best Time to start-up?

On a final note, the best time to start your mobile salon is… right now. Even with lockdowns and restrictions, you can get started by doing some market research, preparing your mobile business plan, creating a website… get your first bookings! Then you will be poised and ready to go straight to your first appointment, as soon as personal care businesses can open up again. People still want to feel pampered and look beautiful, even when mostly staying at home or walking around the park. Get started with confidence and visualise yourself already having a successful mobile beauty business- as part of the Zemits Community, we’re here for you!
Get started with confidence
And visualise yourself already having a successful mobile beauty business- as part of the Zemits Community, we’re here for you!

Book VIRTUAL CONSULTATION today to learn more about how to succeed as a mobile beauty therapist!

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