Zemits MarvelouSlim
Vacuum Therapy System

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Professional Handheld Body Sculpting Device

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Zemits MarvelouSlim

The Zemits MarvelouSlim is the newest generation of body sculpting and cellulite reduction. This professional wireless device offers a comprehensive and handheld powerful vacuum therapy using three varying sized heads to treat all areas of the body.

Zemits MarvelouSlim performs the following treatments:
  • Lymphatic drainage.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Body contouring.
  • Skin firming.
The smart portable system uses vacuum therapy combined with interchangeable gentle roller massaging heads and a heating component to provide an effective and comfortable body treatment.

The heads come in three different sizes to treat all areas of the body and maintenance is as easy as changing the small white filter within the portable system.

Roller Massage
Interchangeable Heads

Large roller head: Ideal to perform cellulite treatments on the legs, abdomen, and inner thighs/under arms depending on the size of your client.

Medium roller head: Ideal to perform contouring treatments of the waist as well as more targeted treatments such as under arms or inner thighs depending on the size of your client.

The smaller roller head, is ideal to treat focused problematic areas and to create lymphatic drainage post utilizing the medium or the larger roller heads.

How Does It Work?

Zemits MarvelouSlim combines:
  • Heat.
  • Vacuum Therapy.
  • Gentle Roller Massage.

This advanced vacuum treatment stimulates lymphatic, and blood circulation helps fight cellulite, tightens skin and tones muscles.

MarvelouSlim can treat areas that include the top of the arms and legs, hips and stomach, and buttocks.

"Orange peel" skin appears because of fat layers and bad liquid circulation—oxygen cannot reach the cells, so connective fibres begin to form, and cellulite forms.

The Zemits MarvelouSlim helps normalize blood and lymph circulation, which subsequently reduces problematic cellulite on all body areas.

The User Friendly Operating System Has Only 4 Buttons:

  1. Play/Pause button: Hold for 3 seconds to power on or power off the system. Press once to start treatment and once to pause treatment.
  2. Heat: Heats the roller massage head to a comfortable temperature to make the treatment more comfortable for the client.
  3. Time: Indicated as the left number on the screen. Time can range between 1 and 59 minutes.
  4. Level: Indicated as the right number on the screen. Level can range from 1 to 3. Operator should always begin treatment on level 1 and increase over sessions.

What are the Benefits of Zemits MarvelouSlim?

  1. Wireless operations enables at spa, at home, or on go treatments.
  2. Solid and reliable structure with stainless steel rollers for long-lasting device.
  3. Professional powerful compressor for maximum results.
  4. Heating mode warms up the rollers and helps smooth treatment performance.
  5. One battery charge allows to run the system for up to 8 hours.
  6. Replaceable protective filters come in set with a device.
  7. Durable working surface can be sanitized with 70% alcohol.
  8. Convenient design for treatment performance.
  9. Smart and user-friendly operating system.

What Problems Can it Solve?

Treatment results with the Zemits MarvelouSlim:

  • Contours the body
  • Helps to get rid of localized fat
  • Improves elasticity of skin
  • Helps to reduce cellulite
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Helps reduce puffiness and oedema

Consumables and Maintenance

Consumable Cost:

A great benefit of the Zemits MarvelouSlim is that you have complete control of your consumable cost.
Since the system already has almost everything you need with three different head sizes, charging port, and replaceable filters, all you need additionally is massage oil. Consumable cost varies depending on whatever massage oil is used.


The filter can be found inside of the roller massage head and simply needs to be changed once it is no longer white.
Results after treatment with Zemits MarvelouSlim

Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
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16 June 2022



Marvelo is a triple blow to cellulite, with heat, vacuum, and a gentle (and intense at the same time) roller massage. It is good both at home and in the salon, it is great for blood and lymph, and clients feel only pleasant from its effects. So, I give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone.


29 March 2022



And for a beautiful silhouette and to get rid of cellulite, the massager is effective, it is also an excellent skin firming. There are three maniples for different areas of the body. A nice bonus is that it can relieve muscle pain after workouts. I'm glad to have it in my salon. Checkout and delivery took only a day. Nothing complicated in the operation of the device. Everything is clear from the first use.


12 March 2022



A good vacuum massager for tightening the skin and removing cellulite. It proved to be a reliable aid in losing weight for my clients. The extra inches disappear from the thighs, abdomen, and arms without the need for strict restrictions and exhausting physical exercises.

Natty M

15 January 2022



I highly recommend the Zemits company. Very welcoming service and excellent aesthetic devices. Face to face training with Nuno who is very informative and helpful. Nuno is an excellent professional who provides a lot of support with your new beauty equipment. My clients are already happy with my new treatments. Hydroluxx, Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and Marvellous are the best investments for my clinic. Thank you so much????

Stefania Del Grosso

8 October 2021



I recently purchased Zemits Abigon, Zemits Ultraglow and Marvelouslim and so far I am very satisfied with the whole experience Ulyana has been very helpful, kind and professional contacting me via telephone following my enquiry, and showing me all the best options that would have worked for me as mobile beauty therapist. I was looking to extend my list of services with more advanced treatments and she offered me a very convenient package of devices Following the purchase I received a thorough training session, straight after receiving my devices. Nuno provided me with loads of information, detailed explanation and tips on devices uses. My experience with Zemits has been definitely positive so far and I highly recommend it

Jodie Harvey

22 August 2021



Welcoming staff, excellent range on products at really good prices. I was very pleased with my purchase.

Joanna Trafna

10 April 2021



I had purchased 2 products, a face scrubber and marvelous hand massager. overall lovely products. I thought that there was very little to gain from these types of machines however its a life changer. the session that came with the products was amazing and Nuno went through everything step by step. I had gained a lot and my skin already feels better. I am so thankful that I had an opportunity to speak to Nuno/ a professional as his knowledge was marvelous and extremely beneficial. Nuno is a great asset to a company as he's professional and helpful with his clients and provided a marvelous service.