Zemits CrystalFrax

3-in-1 Fractional RF System

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Zemits CrystalFrax delivers a non-invasive Radio Frequency technology that remodels collagen and boosts skin tightening.
With fully adjustable settings, Zemits CrystalFrax can be used for precise skin rejuvenating treatments on face and body.

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An advanced radiofrequency system with 3 interchangeable heads:

  • Multipolar RF
  • Fractional Facial RF
  • Fractional Body RF
The Zemits CrystalFrax RF distributes RF energy through numerous non-invasive metal nano-electrodes, which creates a deep heating of the skin layers. This deep-controlled heat accelerates the creation of dermal collagen and elastin fibers in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.

There is no pain, or any uncomfortable sensation, purely a deep intense heat. No downtime or recovery.

How Zemits CrystalFrax works?

The Zemits Fractional RF System is successfully used to treat ageing skin. This skin condition is characterized by decreasing of the skin elasticity and as a result the thinning of the epidermal and dermal skin layers; these skin changes result in fine lines, wrinkles, tone and skin texture issues.

Deep stimulating nano-electrodes fractional RF treatment provides controlled dermal damage, and boosts further neocollagenesis.

The main benefit

The main benefit of non-invasive fractional radiofrequency (RF) is that this technology allows deep skin rejuvenation without impacting the entire skin’s surface, because the multiple smooth RF pins cause thermal stress to the dermis in microscopic targeted zones. The intact surrounding tissue helps to increase the skin recovery process.

There are no Needles:

The interchangeable RF heads have a 12-month lifespan. These RF heads need to be disinfected as usual after each treatment and can be used multiple times.

Zemits CrystalFrax uses precisely delivered RF energy to provide effective treatments of wrinkles, photodamaged skin,improvement of striae, etc.


  • 3 interchangeable RF heads: 4-polar, Facial Fractional RF, Body Fractional RF
  • Power Cord
  • User's Manual
  • Treatment Protocols

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The results after procedure
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
Instant visual results
Benefits for your Clients:
Benefits for you,
the Cosmetologist or Business:
Clients notice improvements
after just one treatment
Safe and effective technologies
With a stable, growing
income as you grow
Fast return on your investment
Save your clients time!
Each treatment lasts about 15-25mins
Free one-to-one training
With one of our Zemits licenced aestheticians
UP to 36 month warranty
We offer Zemits lifetime
client support
No need for any downtime
between treatments, allare non-invasive and quality certified
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22 June 2022



With CrystalFrax I've discovered the benefits of fractional RF skin tightening. More precise procedures, adjustable settings, a modern touch screen interface, and gentle but long-lasting rejuvenation for early and already visible signs of ageing.

Natalie Maikina

3 May 2022



A good option for developing my office, portable and powerful. My first rf!

Milo Rayran

15 March 2022



High-quality 3-in-1 RF lifting device, proven for age- and tone-deprived skin. Long working time without overheating and compact size, so it fits even in the smallest office on the nightstand.


06 March 2022



Something new in the world of rf-lifting!) Very compact, but at the same time powerful device. It is resistant to high loads, resistant to overheating (easily and quickly self-cooled). Allows more clients per day. The combination of fractional and multipolar facial and body elevators leads to faster and more expressive results for my girls, one of the advantages is the non-invasive nanoelectrodes. I consider it the best in anti-aging techniques, correct me if I'm wrong.


01 February 2022



CrystalFrax has discovered the benefits of fractional RF-lifting for me. More precise procedures, adjustable settings, state-of-the-art touch screen interface, and gentle yet long-lasting rejuvenation for both early and already visible signs of aging.

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