Zemits CrystalFrax Pro

3-in-1 Fractional RF System

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  • Advanced Training Program
  • Free UK Delivery
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  • 24-Month Warranty

Zemits CrystalFrax Pro

The cutting-edge fractional Rf technology of the Zemits CrystalFrax Pro represents the exemplar of an effective, long-lasting and comfortable skin-tightening device for all skin types.

The Zemits Fractional RF is successfully used to treat ageing skin. This skin condition is characterised by decreasing skin elasticity and, as a result, the thinning of the epidermal and dermal skin layers; these skin changes result in fine lines, wrinkles, tone and skin texture issues.

With fully adjustable settings Zemits CrystalFrax Pro can be used for precise skin rejuvenating treatments on face and body.

No-needle Fractional Radiofrequency

Unlike traditional microneedeling RF treatments that use needles to deliver the RF energy into the skin, no-needle fractional RF uses a specialised handpiece that emits the RF energy through a series of nano-electrodes that do not penetrate the skin.

The nano-electrodes create tiny channels in the skin, allowing the RF energy to penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skin tissue. In addition, the heat generated by the RF energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which helps improve the skin's texture and tone.

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The potential to earn £65,000 in one year
Today, I am in the Zemits salon, buying my fourth device from this company. Very satisfied with everyone who is. I really wanted this particular device, fractional RF, to use in anti-aging therapy and combine with other Zemits devices. Another reason why I chose Zemits is always support service, center consultation of cosmetologists, and very wonderful girls.
Darina Trova
I want to thank the company Zemits for giving me the opportunity to purchase such a cool device. I selected this device because I watched a considerable amount of RF lifting, and I am equally impressed with the evidence it can be accomplished in summer, winter, and at any time. It is very easy to use. I suppose we will keep collaborating, and I will also consider what additional device to purchase.
Gina Maltese
The quality of the machines that I have purchased from Zemits is unmatched. Their prices for the results that these machines produce are amazing. My latest purchase of CrystalFrax PRO was the best investment I made into my company. There are instant results and even better once the four week mark hits!
Paulette Rigdon
I absolutely love my CrystalFrax Pro device. The results are good and my clients are comfortable with the way that it feels.
LB Skin
Crystalfrax is RF system that will tighten the skin and help get rid of wrinkles!

Just think if you start now you will be summer ready!!!! I am going to be doing my arms to tighten the skin! No more flabby arms! Let’s flatten that out!
Piel Aesthetics
Our Crystal Frax RF for body from delivers a non-invasive Radio Frequency technology that remodels collagen and boosts skin tightening.
Med Spa
Gi Valentine Skin Therapist
Let’s talk about boosting that collagen, fading the hyperpigmentation and erasing fine lines! My goodness 😍😍 4 weeks of consistency for overall perfect skin! Who’s ready to try CRYSTALFRAX PRO?!!!? I’m going to start doing it on myself!
Licensed Esthetician
Only the best/top quality products for our lovely clients!
I completed the training and was very satisfied. I'm going home with a new purchase, and the device is extremely convenient to use—very easy to use. The outcome is visible immediately after the initial procedure. I want to thank you very much for your professionalism.
Master aesthetician
Smooth transformation with Zemits CrystalFrax: Before and After the magic of non-invasive RF technology that helps lift and tone the skin ✨

Beauty salon
Gissele DelRosario
Zemits devices are absolutely the best in the industry! Top quality, original design, 3-year warranty, amazing training, great customer service and techniques that not only save your pockets but also provide your clients with incredible sustainable results!
LI Glass Skin Queen
Shekinah Garner
The CrystalFrax Pro is taking the place of expensive and painful treatments such as Morpheus8.
Licensed cosmetologist, TV Star
Marta Bednarska
🔥My favorite Crystal FraxPro technology for non-invasive skin lifting🔥💉Crystal FraxPro delivers RF energy to the dermis, stimulating the production of natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid 💦 Immediate lifting effect and skin glow ✨
Aesthetic Cosmetologist
Compared to traditional bipolar RF technology
Zemits CrystalFrax Pro delivers Rf energy in pulsating and continuous modes in a more precise section of the skin for better result within a much shorter treatment session
Rejuvenation, lifting and
sculpting of the face oval
Complex body tightening, reduction
of stretch marks, improvement of skin tone

And advanced RadioFrequency System with 3 interchangeable heads:

  • Quadropolar RF
  • Non-Invasive Fractional Facial RF
  • Non-Invasive Fractional Body RF

How the Zemits CrystalFrax Pro works:

Zemits RF uses gentle electrical current that helps to increase skin
tone and elasticity by temporary increasing local blood circulation, thus helping to improve skin cells metabolism and further production of new collagen.

Zemits RF utilizes safe and superficial current that does not affect or change the structure of the skin tissues, but helps skin to maintain its natural rejuvenation process.

Unlike Micro-needle RF, Zemits RF is completely non-invasive and non-aggressive for skin tissues.

Zemits RF is not intended to be used to treat any type of skin disease. It is intended to be used by estheticians for cosmetic purposes only.


Compared to traditional bipolar RF technology, Zemits CrystalFrax delivers Rf energy in pulsating and continuous modes in a more precise section of the skin for better results within a much shorter treatment session.
  • Treatment is painless with no downtime and few contradictions
  • Short treatment sessions for more appointments and profit
  • Compact size for a small treatment room and is great for the mobile therapist
Results after the procedure
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
The potential to earn £65,000 in one year
Вased on two treatments per day
(Full Face, Neck & Decollete)
90 min
30 min
£28 800
£14 400
£62 400
£31 200
6 session
6 session
Aesthetic Equipment Financing
Grow your business now pay later
  • Up to 18 months
  • From 2000£ to 35000£
  • No downpayment
In-house financing from Zemits:
  • From 1000£ to 30000£
  • 45% downpayment
  • Interest-fee
  • Up to 12 months
  • Customised fee
Financing solution for small businesses:
What’s Included?
We at ZEMITS UK strive for our clients to succeed and stay current in the industry. Our Zemits support package is included with every purchase, so you can rest assured that you will receive all the backing you need to extend your business.
Marketing material
Lifetime support
User manuals
Free UK delivery
Technical service
Access to training portal
Exclusive client discounts
24 months warranty
Zemits UK business package

Zemits training program included with every product and picture

At Zemits, we provide you with a bespoke online training Portal. In this lecture-based instruction, each device is “deconstructed” through various lessons, from the setup, how each technology works, our guided protocol guidelines, maintenance tips, Q&A sessions, as well as the interaction of Zemits skincare to help clients achieve super results with their new Zemits device(s).

To further help and support our clients, we offer individual learning through Face-to-Face and hands-on training sessions with interactive/participative methods. Each session is 100% learner-centred and customised to each client’s level of knowledge and expertise. These in-person sessions empower students who are new to technology or have not used certain technologies for a long time.

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We at Zemits believe - time is money!
Go online with us for a long-distance aesthetic equipment demonstration and consultation.
Zemits UK is now offering live, virtual demos for our entire aesthetic product line! We strive to give people every opportunity to educate themselves on our technologies. We’re keen to offer this convenient option to those who want to learn more about our devices. We love it when prospective clients stop by for demonstrations at our showroom, and now we’re able to provide another convenient option!
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Technical Specifications:
Combine technologies to enhance treatment result
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