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TOP answers for aestheticians about 3D HIFU treatment from ZEMITS UK

HIFU is the most powerful technology for a non-surgical facelift and skin tightening used by top aesthetic specialists. There is no need for anaesthesia for a session, and it can be performed on a wide range of clients.

What is 3D HIFU, and how I can use it for your business?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - it is a non-invasive treatment that works by using heat energy to coalugate the different layers of skin tissues. Heat reaches between 60-70 degrees and contracts the existing collagen fibres that support your skin and encourage new collagen growth.

Hifu is used in advanced aesthetics for:
  • skin tightening and lifting
  • skin rejuvenation
  • body contouring
HIFU is compelling for most trouble areas such as the jawline, under the chin, nasolabial, and around the eyes. You can provide treatments for face and body for both male and female patients.

Is 3D HIFU safe? Should I perform a patch test before doing the treatment?

HIFU was designed to be a safe and effective alternative to surgery. However, to offer this prevalent treatment to your clients, you need to have the correct level of training. We recommend doing a patch test within 48 hours before the session.

 Who is my perfect client for HIFU?

As this treatment is effective for both genders, you are free to offer it to many clients who are seeking a non-invasive solution for:
  • Signs of ageing,
  • Midface and body contouring,
  • Finelines and wrinkle reduction
  • Midface and body contouring
  • Nasolabial fold reduction
  • Sagging on the face and neck
  • Define the jawline
  • Lift eyelids, cheeks and eyebrows
  • Smoother and tightened skin
Clients who would like to slow the aging process can benefit from HIFU as a prevention treatment.

Is 3D HIFU effective for body contouring?

HIFU is not a weight-loss treatment; however, you can selectively target deeper stubborn fat layers and remove unwanted inches improving the patient's silhouette. Your clients will achieve the best visible results with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Is it painful? Do I need to apply local anesthesia?

Four or five years ago, common feedback from clients was that treatment was rather painful. However, 3D HIFU is a much more improved technology, and the session is relatively comfortable and tourable. Nevertheless, your clients might experience slight discomfort during and after treatment. The degree of sensation depends on the target area.

When will your client see the result from 3D HIFU?

Some patients will see an improvement in skin vitality and tone instantly after treatment. However, the 3D HIFU result is not immediate. The peak of the development could be expected after 90 days and up to 6 months.

Can I combine 3D HIFU with other protocols in one session?

HIFU is a stand-alone treatment, and you should not provide any other procedures on the same day. However, after two to four weeks, you can recommend an additional treatment such as electroporation with Zemits Verstand Pro, oxygen infusion therapy with Zemits HydroVerstand or non-invasive mesotherapy to stimulate collagen production.

Are all HIFU machines exact and safe?

As the market grows every year, there are hundreds of devices for purchase. Some are excellent, although some can be ineffective or potentially dangerous. The American brand Zemits is well established, and our devices for 3D HIFU treatment have all certifications and approval, including FDA.

Our machines are superior in terms of manufacturing quality, safety and usability. We provide a face-to-face VIRTUAL DEMO session so you can learn about all the advantages of using Zemits advanced devices. With our product, we offer:
  • the best training both in-person and remote online with Zemits professional equipment and systems,
  • providing lifetime client support,
  • complete professional training and protocols.
Zemits Ultranexx Lite is the device that made 3D HIFU facelift treatment even more proficient. It combines innovation and effective anti-age techniques. Most advantages are:
⭐️ High ROI. With a flow of 1-2 clients per week, the beauticians can return their investment in less than 4 months.

⭐️ Efficiency. Just one procedure has results that cannot be achieved by a course of RF-lifting or microcurrent therapy in one session. Your client will see significant improvement in looking 5-10 years younger and with a long-lasting result.

⭐️ The Zemits Ultranexx Lite device has up to 8 cartridges with various depth focus with a resource of 20,000 lines.

⭐️ Working depths from 1.5 to 16 mm.

How much should I charge for treatment?

Complete face treatment ranges from 450£ to 1000£ depending on your business location and demand. You can also charge by area % for neck, face and body starting from 90 £ for 30 minutes of treatment. 3D HIFU with Zemits Ultranexx Lite is the most profitable non-invasive treatment with a consumable cost of fewer than 15 pounds for the session.

Book VIRTUAL CONSULTATION today to learn more about how to succeed as a mobile beauty therapist!

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