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Zemits Verstand Pro machine is designed to tackle the main skin ageing concerns: sagging skin, pigmentation, poor skin elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. With this multi-application machine, you can design numerous tailored, ongoing skin rejuvenation protocols to treat every client with the best facials suited to their needs.

System combines the following technologies:
⭐️ Microcurrent Therapy
⭐️ Diamond Microdermabrasion
⭐️ Radiofrequency
⭐️ No-Needle Mesotherapy
⭐️ Ultrasound Skin Scrubber
⭐️ Vacuum Extractions
Discover Verstand Pro Technologies
  • Multi-application machine to target ageing skin
  • Treatments Protocols
  • Financing options
  • Device Benefits
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  • Anti-Age Treatment Protocol
  • Acne-Prone and Oily Skin Treatment Protocol
  • Skin Whitening Treatment Protocol
  • Intense therapy for dry kin
  • Skin Replenishing and Resurfacing Treatment Protocol
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I bought my Zemits machines about six months ago, and I am a very satisfied customer. First of all, I'd like to mention that Zemits, you know, support team is amazing. Every little question I have, they are always there for me, and I don't know how much patience I have, but they have upgrades, so I bought myself a Zemits Crystal therapy machine, which is out on service for my treatment room.
Etoshia McFarland
My spa is located in Columbia, South Carolina, and today I want to show you why I chose Zemits. The current machine that I currently have is the Zemits Verstand Pro. I love all of the different modalities that's on one device that can help my clients achieve their skin goals. So let's get to it and let me show you some of my favorite modalities.
Owner of Faces by Tosh
Beautician I chose the Verstand Pro because this device is multifunctional and includes three top procedures: ultrasonic scrubber for facial cleansing, RF skin tightening, and microcurrents.

The top procedure in my work with the Verstand Pro is ultrasonic facial cleansing. Clients love this procedure because the results are visible immediately. The skin becomes smooth and radiant.
Microcurrent therapy is an innovation, a powerful step and breakthrough into the future. As for marketing, I really liked that all the managers are still in touch. That is, if my girls suddenly have any questions, we can always get in touch, ask, consult.
I truly admire Verstand Pro. I have a deep affection for all his manipulations, particularly ones like microcurrents, as they possess immense power, and RF lifting techniques. I also enjoy combining these manipulations with Electro operation. Electro operation gives us moisturizing, while RF lifting and microcurrents provide the benefit of lifting.
The device is versatile and can perform a variety of functions for facial care, offering multiple benefits and enhancing overall skincare routine. Simple to utilize in the workplace, I highly recommend it to all individuals.
Laetitia Llorja
I purchased a verstand pro device, and I am so pleased with it. The tools available combine fantastic treatment for all skin types and provide amazing results. The team is fantastic, friendly, and highly professional and supports you at all steps. Highly recommend
Piel Aesthetics
✨Introducing our new Ultrasound rejuvenation facial with our Verstand Pro system!

This facial therapy promotes cellular renewal and repair, tones facial muscles, increases blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, combats puffiness and swelling and improves skin care product penetration.
Med Spa
My Favorite treatment so far is Microcurrent with the Verstand Pro @advance.esthetic
Instant Gratification with soften the fine lines or wrinkles.
Jasmine Coppedge
Medical Esthetician | Skin Educator
I have the Verstand Pro, the CoolRestore, and the Dermeluxx. So, this is a great brand. I love all our machines. With all three of these, there's not a look that I can't do; there's not a skin concern that I can't address. It's the best lineup.
Licensed Cosmetologist
Janine’s Artistry
Microcurrent uses low level electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles. Some benefits that microcurrent offers are improved facial contour, reduced wrinkles, & overall enhanced skin appearance ✨ using @zemits.official VERSTAND PRO SYSTEM 💫
Lauren Zarate
The Zemits Verstand Pro is an incredible device that is customizable for all skin concerns! This includes age management, hyperpigmentation, acne, and dryness concerns. It also targets overall complexion and texture restoration to reveal healthy, supple skin!
Orange County Esthetician
Etoshia McFarland
So excited to maximize my clients skin treatments using @zemits.official Verstand Pro Device!!!!!

The Zemits Verstand Pro combines the most advanced treatment modalities for unique customized treatment protocols!
Award winning esthetician and spa owner
Shekinah Garner
@zemits.official microcurrent on the VerStand Pro is like none other. I love the applicator which is two smooth balls that glide perfectly along the face, neck, décolleté and small areas like lips and eyes.

This system is unmatched in performance and efficacy… and believe me, I have tried ALL the companies out there that make microcurrent!
Licensed cosmetologist, TV Star

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Training Program
Free UK Delivery
Free Listing On Salon Finder App
Marketing Support
24-Month Warranty
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Why Zemits Verstand Pro?

⭐️ Zemits Verstand Pro integrates a comprehensive array of features, providing protocols for various procedures, including anti-aging, addressing problematic skin, managing pigmentation issues, and revitalizing dry and dehydrated skin.
⭐️ The intelligent control system facilitates user-friendly operation of the device, automatically selecting the appropriate SMART program for your specific procedure.
⭐️ The CoolRestart cooling system ensures uninterrupted device operation for an extended duration.
⭐️ It replaces multiple monofunctional devices simultaneously, offering a versatile and efficient solution.


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