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Highly advanced HIFU machine

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How does SMAS lifting work

HIFU is one of the latest and the best technologies in the aesthetic industry, also known as non-surgical facelift treatment.

HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy to target all layers of the skin. The ultrasound energy creates deep focal points of coagulative necrosis in the SMAS layers through 65-75 C heat zones. As a result, the SMAS layer instantly contracted without damaging the skin surface and surrounding tissue, creating immediate skin tightening and lifting. As the skin wound healing process is triggered, the face line naturally improves, lifting and tightening up to 3 months after the procedure.
Zemits Ultranexx Lite is the latest double-feature platform for skin lifting and targeted fat reduction for the face and the body.

HIFU machines offer a safe & effective method for face lifting, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, and slimming.

Zemits Ultranexx Lite is the latest double-feature platform for skin lifting and targeted fat reduction both for the face and the body. The device is known for its innovative technology that eliminates the need for surgery, does not cause injuries and does not leave scars.

Thanks to the Zemits Ultranexx Lite's faster-shot speed, the treatment is comfortable and results in no side effects, downtime, and scarring for most people. HIFU can be used to treat any area of the face and body with seven different cartridge depth options 1.5mm – 16mm.

Deliver long-lasting results to your clients and receive in-house training and lifetime support from Zemits.

Absolute face countering!

Zemits Ultranexx Lite is adapted to target the upper and lower dermis and SMAS layer with 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 4.5 mm depth cartridges to reduce wrinkles and skin laxity. This technology is recommended for all skin type and colours, has an immediate lifting effect, and require no downtime.

4.5 m: to treat the SMAS layer for the most lifting efficiency
3.0 mm: to target the reticular dermis stimulating fibroblasts.
1.5 mm: To target the superficial dermis where loosely arranged collagen fibres reside

tightening of the face's oval
reduction of skin's density
lifting of the corners of the lips
raises eyelids and eyebrows
smoothes nasolabial folds
In the photo before and right after the procedure🔥 The results are straight wow!
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SMAS-LIFTING on the HIFU device is a method of hardware ultrasonic face lifting that does not require surgical intervention❗️

Gets rid of:
• Wrinkles
• Drooping eyelids
• Double chin
• Excess volume in facial and body areas
• Sagging skin, abdomen, knees, and other areas

✅ The effect of smooth, firm skin is noticeable after the first procedure✨
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Who doesn't dream of youthful, healthy skin?
A defined facial contour, reduced wrinkles, noticeable lifting WITHOUT surgery and injections 😍

Sounds very tempting? The new procedure of 3D ultrasound SMAS-lifting on the Zemits UltraNexx device.

Super effective 💪🏻 procedure for skin rejuvenation using high-intensity focused ultrasound technology, which stimulates deep structural support layers of the skin without damaging the skin surface.
UltraNexx Lite is a SMAS lifting device, with which you can very effectively lift facial contours in one procedure; this procedure can be called a non-surgical facelift. The training went very well, everything was explained simply.

Face and neck lifting results

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Tightening of sagging skin around the neck
  • Lifting cheeks, eyebrows, and eyelids
  • Improving the contours of the jawline
  • Tightening of the décolletage
  • One-off treatment
  • Final result after 2-3 months and lasting up to 3-5 years
Skin tightening with 100% visible result
Smoothing wrinkles and skin laxity
Tightening of the skin in the abdominal areas, inner surface of hands and feet, reduction of stretch marks

BODY SCULPTING with Zemits Ultranexx Lite

With optional 6.0mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 13.0 mm and 16.0 mm cartridges, HIFU energy penetrates skin layers at a depth that can break down adipose cells. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave results in heating up to 65 C to destroy fat cells and tighten the skin. The damaged cells are then removed from the body through the natural lymphatic drainage.

  • Targeted fat reduction
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Firm and tighten the skin
  • Increase elasticity in the areas targeted
  • Treatment zones: abdomen, tights, flanks, hips and buttocks
  • Safe alternative for liposuction surgery
  • Visible results after 2 months post treatment

FEATURES and catridges options

The Zemits UltraNexx Lite device has up to 8 cartridges for various purposes with a resource of 20,000 lines, working at different depths (from 1.5 to 16 mm).
On display, the professional sets the parameters individually for each client, considering the age, condition of the client's skin and the severity of the presenting concern(s).

The basic set provided with machine includes 3 cartridges :
Eye area: 1.5mm
Face: 3.0mm
Face & Neckline: 4.5mm

All subsequent cartridges are available for order as extras:
Body - back, chest and abdomen: 6.0mm
Body - back, chest and abdomen: 8.0 mm
Body - back, chest and abdomen: 10.0 mm
Body - abdomen and legs: 13.00 mm
Body - abdomen and legs: 16.00 mm

Key advantages

⭐️ Double-application system for both face and body treatments
⭐️The safest and most effective non-surgical technology for skin tightening and lift
⭐️ Only one treatment is required for a lasting lifting effect
⭐️ Easy-to-operate with SMART touch interface
⭐️ Low consumables expenses
⭐️ LOW Investment and HIGLY profitable treatment
⭐️SMAS lifting treatment increased demand to expand clientele
Results after the procedure
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
The potential to earn £250 000 in the next 6 months
Full Face, Neck & Decollete
90 min
30 min
30 min
45 min
£10 425
£41 700
£23 700
£42 840
£250 200
£142 200
£43 200
£257 040
Small area (Body)
Eye treatment
Mummy Tummy treatment
1 session
3-6 session
1 session
3-6 session
Вased on two treatments per day
Aesthetic Equipment Financing
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  • Up to 18 months
  • From 2000£ to 35000£
  • No downpayment
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  • Up to 12 months
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What’s Included?
We at ZEMITS UK strive for our clients to succeed and stay current in the industry. Our Zemits support package is included with every purchase, so you can rest assured that you will receive all the backing you need to extend your business.
Marketing material
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24 months warranty
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Zemits training program included with every product and picture

At Zemits, we provide you with a bespoke online training Portal. In this lecture-based instruction, each device is “deconstructed” through various lessons, from the setup, how each technology works, our guided protocol guidelines, maintenance tips, Q&A sessions, as well as the interaction of Zemits skincare to help clients achieve super results with their new Zemits device(s).

To further help and support our clients, we offer individual learning through Face-to-Face and hands-on training sessions with interactive/participative methods. Each session is 100% learner-centred and customised to each client’s level of knowledge and expertise. These in-person sessions empower students who are new to technology or have not used certain technologies for a long time.

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Zemits UK is now offering live, virtual demos for our entire aesthetic product line! We strive to give people every opportunity to educate themselves on our technologies. We’re keen to offer this convenient option to those who want to learn more about our devices. We love it when prospective clients stop by for demonstrations at our showroom, and now we’re able to provide another convenient option!
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Technical Specifications:
Combine technologies to enhance treatment result
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