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Are you stressed out? Your skin can show it

Build your beauty menu with Zemits care systems to treat post-stressed skin concerns.
Have you noticed when we stress, we can flush? If so, you experienced a compulsory, temporary stress reaction. But, studies accomplished by Harvard University, science suggests that repeated exposure to psychological or environmental stressors can have lasting effects on your skin beyond blush and could even negatively affect your overall well-being. This is because stress profoundly impacts our health, sleep and skin, leading to short- and long-term unpleasant changes.

Evolving research reveals a close relationship between the brain and the skin. When we experience stress, our body releases stress hormones such as cortisol, which can affect various physiological processes, including skin-related ones.
For example, the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline act directly on the skin, alter skin cell growth, increase sebum and inflammation, and impair the skin's immunity.
This can result in a dull, tired appearance and aggravated signs of ageing, such as deep lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
Furthermore, psychological stress could disrupt the top layer of the skin. This epidermal barrier locks in moisture and protects us from harmful impact, leading to irritation and chronic skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, or chronic acne.

Thus, psychological stressors can contribute to stressed-out skin and environmental stressors, such as low or high temperature and ultraviolet light, because the skin produces stress hormones in response, sends those signals back to the brain, and can contribute to psychological stress, perpetuating the stress cycle.

Stress impact on the skin

Here are some ways in which stress can impact our skin:
  1. Acne and Breakouts: Stress can trigger or worsen acne breakouts. Increased cortisol levels stimulate the production of oil (sebum) in the skin, leading to clogged pores and an increased likelihood of developing acne.
  2. Skin Sensitivity: Stress can make the skin more sensitive and reactive. It may increase redness, itching, and irritation, particularly for individuals with underlying skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.
  3. Premature Ageing: Chronic stress can accelerate the ageing process, leading to the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and dull-looking skin. Stress hormones can impair collagen production, essential for maintaining the skin's elasticity and firmness.
  4. Impaired Skin Barrier Function: Stress can compromise the skin's natural barrier function, making it more susceptible to moisture loss and external irritants. This can result in dryness, flakiness, and a strained skin barrier.
  5. Delayed Wound Healing: Stress can negatively impact the body's ability to heal wounds. High levels of stress hormones can impair the skin's healing process, leading to slower recovery from injuries, cuts, or surgical incisions.
Stressed skin can be soothed with relaxing treatments that help the mind unwind simultaneously, but therapists and clients should combine active Zemits skincare products that enhance stress treatment results.

TOP treatments for stressed-out skin with Zemits

Introducing Zemits Verstand to your practice, you can create a bespoke beauty menu combining your expertise, advanced technologies and professional cosmetology.
Here are some of the most effective protocols you can utilise with Hydroverstand to help clients suffering from stress-induced skin conditions achieve healthier, more radiant skin.

⭐️ Fluid hydrodermabrasion - is a non-dripping and less costly skin resurfacing treatment, the latest innovative skincare technology and an excellent crystal-free alternative to microdermabrasion. Combining the power of chemical and mechanical exfoliation breaks up the outer layer of the skin to reveal a smoother, more even texture.

Fluid dermabrasion is used on all skin types, including sensitive, to repair ageing, congested, blemished, dull, or discoloured skin. Oily skin can benefit from this, too, by becoming less greasy, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.
⭐️ Oxygen infusion - hydrating facials. A hydrating facial helps skin lock in moisture to keep it from being too dry or oily, which can lead to acne breakouts. In addition, oxygen infusion helps speed up skin cell metabolism.

This treatment allows for infusing the skin with intense hydration and restoration. It provides deep skin hydration with an intense flow of Serums to stimulate skin turnover, boost collagen production, increase skin elasticity, and infuse skin with minerals and vitamins.

Oxygen Infusion Benefits:
  • Increased youthful skin appearance
  • Smoother skin and even tone
  • Accelerated skin hydration
  • Brighter skin complexion
  • soothing treatment post fluid dermabrasion

Oxygen Infusion is performed with the Zemits Skin Repair and Boosting serum Zemits OXYTIGHT to deliver soothing and replenishing results deep into the skin.

⭐️ RF TIGHTENING TREATMENTS. Tightening treatments can help stimulate new collagen formation and improve the skin's elasticity. Zemits CrystalFrax offers innovative fractional RF technology, a non-surgical facelift to tighten the skin, shrink pores, and help improve skin tone and texture.

Incorporating specific peptides into your skincare protocol to combat the visible signs of stress can help soothe tension and soften expression lines. Also, antioxidants are crucial in helping to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and free radicals damage. Ultrasound mesotherapy can inject active ingredients deeper into the skin to boost immunity and defend the skin against environmental aggressors.

Oxygen Facial is a well-known and clinically proven therapy to boost your skin's resources with this hydrating and rejuvenating treatment. The oxygen treatment helps the skin to restore its natural Ph balance. Dual Oxygen Injection, or as we call it, Positive Pulse Pressure Facial
- the treatment energises, repairs, and increases cell metabolism through oxygen's power. Two specific oxygen injectors deliver a simultaneous powerful oxygen flow to both sides of the face. It helps to perform a deep and precise infusion of the pure oxygen stream and applied serum.

To manage stress and minimise its impact on the skin, it's important to prioritise self-care and stress reduction techniques such as exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, and relaxation activities.
Additionally, maintaining a consistent skincare routine, using gentle products suitable for your skin type, and seeking professional aesthetic treatments can help mitigate the effects of stress on the skin.

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