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We are more than excited for the Beauty Uncovered LIVE 2022!

A unique event for aesthetic professionals and beauty industry enthusiasts.

We are keen to educate the public on aesthetic technologies and the latest industry advantages available in our range and on the market.

Immerse yourself into the world of aesthetics & beauty.

Beauty Uncovered Flash sale!

Until 10.05.22

For beauty professionals that want to thrive and see profits today!

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We will introduce our latest new devices:

Zemits HydroVerstand - HydroDermabrasion skin rejuvenation system.

Zemits WaveRestore 2.0 - shockwave therapy for cellulite treatment.

Zemits Abigon Pro - comprehensive body and face sculpting system.

Zemits Handhelds - comprehensive body and face sculpting system.

Zemits Skincare - professional solution for all skin needs: cleansing,

anti-ageing therapy and hydration.

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Uncover your beauty with ZEMITS!
Join us at Stand V32 to learn about the latest non-invasive technologies and precisely how to choose skin care treatments for long-term effects.
7 & 8 May

Business Design Centre


Stand V32
Uncover your beauty with ZEMITS!
Event: Beauty Uncovered LIVE
7 & 8 May
Business Design Centre, Islington