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TOP FIVE REASONS to buy the Zemits Skincare System for your Salon

Here are some key points to get started…

Our field of cosmetology is constantly evolving, with new beauty salons cropping up every single day. Therefore it’s vital as a beauty business to stay relevant and up-to-date with the latest innovations in the industry.
Let's find innovative solutions together.
As an owner of a beauty business, you may often come across challenges when acquiring new high-tech devices for your salon and skincare services. Our mission at Zemits is to help you and every Spa Owner and Aesthetic Professional succeed in their businesses using Zemits equipment and marketing support.
So in order to stay relevant, stay ahead of the competition, and most importantly offer your clientèle that extra special USP through your services… we’ve got a little something for you.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Get Started with the Zemits Skincare System:

1. Versatility
This Zemits skincare system is an innovative solution which offers multiple treatments with a single device, allowing beauty professionals to offer their clients a full range of high quality treatments for face and body, with a single unit.

2. Saving space, time, and money
In addition to a multi-functional system for treatments, the lightweight Zemits skincare system is a sleek space-saver, compared to the bulkiness of several individual units, which would require separate controls and maintenance… and far too much work. It’s the smarter choice when salon space is scarce, as well as saving you precious time and money as an elegant unit which is mobile enough to move around your salon space, with ease of maintenance when needed.
It’s the smarter choice when salon space is scarce, as well as saving you precious time and money as an elegant unit which is mobile enough to move around your salon space, with ease of maintenance when needed.
3. Ergonomics
Speaking of space-saving… the design of Zemits equipment certainly showcases how form follows function at your fingertips. The units are elegantly designed for intuitive use of the multiple tools and settings. You have quick access to the control settings via the touchscreen interface, as well as all hand-held apparatus. With everything included in a single unit, the device seamlessly supports the work of the skincare professional, and delivers excellent results for clients.
4. Relevance
With rising demand for microcurrent treatments across the beauty industry, this highlights the relevance of Zemits professional skincare solutions. We are ready to equip and train your professional salon team, and keep you updated with the latest innovations, news, and special events.

With an upgrade to Zemits skincare systems, you can feel confident you have high quality, high level professional skincare solutions for your clients, as well as attracting new ones in search of better, more natural and less invasive treatments.
5. Efficiency
In the beauty kit of every skincare professional, there are some manual techniques which provide optimal results for clients. Yet for exceptional results, cosmetology skincare systems add top-tier procedures which involve the deeper layers of the skin.
Such non-invasive treatments integral to the Zemits skincare system include:
1. Microcurrent therapy for face and body
2. Non-injection therapy
3. Radiofrequency therapy

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Zemits from Beauty Professionals:

1. “How do I know if a device is of high quality?”
Look out for devices which have international quality certificates, such as FDA-approved for USA. Check that the devices are tested and comply with health and safety standards in your country or region. For the United Kingdom and Europe, it is important to check that the devices comply with the European quality certificate CE. This is the only way to protect your business and your clientèle from counterfeits and low-quality manufacturers. Rest assured that Zemits skincare system devices are tested and safe for use in the United States, United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe.

2. “How do I check the functionality and quality of the device?”
We advise you to contact manufacturers that have showrooms or offer presentations. Therefore you can experience the quality of cosmetology equipment, check all the functions in practice, and evaluate what device is right for you and your business.
3. “How do I choose the right beauty equipment?”
Choose a company that employs professional cosmetologists. They will be able to fully answer your question, consult on best practices, and offer insight into the day-to-day usage and maintenance of each device.

4. “What do I do if the device breaks down?”
Choose manufacturers who provide a quality guarantee for their products. Contact authorised service centres and seek professional support. That is why Zemits offers 2+ years warranty and life-time customer support to all Zemits equipment.

5. “How to learn to work with the device?”
Every professional device has its own specifications. All beauty professionals must be fully trained, certified, and demonstrate their knowledge of how to use device and administer each procedure. Be sure to contact the suppliers who provide training on their devices. Learn the principles and protocols under the training and guidance of a fully qualified specialist, and receive official certification.
6. “What if I forgot something?”
Suppliers often provide videos and other training materials that contain the necessary information for easy equipment set-up and training. This allows you to brush up on your knowledge, glean the latest tips and tricks with updates, and educate your colleagues. Also remember to use on-going support resources, and contact customer service teams that are on hand to help you with any queries and problem solving.

7. “Where to buy cosmetic equipment in installments?”
Large companies are often the go-to when providing customers with favorable terms of purchase, and paying for equipment in installments, e.g. paying in 3, 6, or 12 monthly installments. Choose an option that is right for your salon business or professional beauty practice.

Let's take a look at a few examples of our Zemits skincare systems…

1. Full-Feature Facial System Zemits Verstand:
The Latest Generation of Skin Rejuvenation Systems.

The Zemits Verstand is a unique system that provides up to 25 different customised treatment protocols for any skin condition offering these 8 functions:
1. Radiofrequency Skin Firming
2. No Needle Mesotherapy
3. Eye Firming Treatment
4. Diamond Microdermabrasion
5. Oxygen Infusion Therapy
6. Ultrasonic Peeling
7. Vacuum Therapy
8. Cold Therapy

This system is elegant, multi-functional device for skincare, the definitive star of the Zemits collection.
2. Zemits Verstand Pro
Microcurrent Therapy and Electroporation

The device that you've been waiting for! The microcurrent therapy device is for face and body skin rejuvenating procedures and lymphatic drainage massage. The Electroporation device (a.k.a. Needle-Free Mesotherapy), is for an advanced treatment that uses gentle pulses of electrical current, opening the pores for milliseconds in order to penetrate serums into the deep, dermal layers. This is ideal for skin-plumping, hydrating treatments.
Zemits Verstand PRO combines the most sought-after features in a single device, offering unrivalled results for the client.

The device has the following treatment protocols available:
• Anti-Age Complex
• Problem skin treatment
• Pigmentation treatment
• Care for dry and dehydrated skin
• Restoring the complexion and texture of the skin
• Microcurrent lymphatic drainage body massage
3. 8-In-1 Smart Skin Care System Zemits Meister NG
Synergy For Young And Healthy Skin Renewing Skin:

• Vacuum Air Massage
• Oxygen Infusion
• Microdermabrasion
• Electroporation
• Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
• Micro-Current Led Light
• Radio Frequency Therapy
• Cold Therapy

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