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The Top 4 Exclusive Technologies Offered by Zemits

According to Zemits, success in the beauty industry is a combination of professionalism, continuous development, high-quality equipment, and offering treatments that are unavailable elsewhere. Indeed, the latter is particularly crucial as beauty business owners vie for attention and clientele.
Yet, how can you distinguish yourself if most salons and beauty parlours offer similar treatments? Fear not—we've anticipated this question and compiled a list of methods and technologies exclusive to Zemits.

So, what treatments and corresponding devices make it into this Top 4?
Let's delve into it!

HydroDiamond: A Globally Acclaimed treatment

We've discussed this patented innovation of ours on numerous occasions, and it's fittingly placed in this top tier. HydroDiamond offers cosmetologists a unique triple-action method: cleansing, nourishment, and exfoliation.After just one session, clients attain the coveted "glass skin" effect, a phenomenon that's taken the beauty industry by storm.
Does HydroDiamond have global appeal? Absolutely! Zemits Dermeluxx Pro has not only become the favourite of hundreds of aestheticians worldwide but also clinched two highly prestigious awards from leading US and European industry magazines in 2024:
Dermascope, the first professional aesthetic publication in the USA, established in 1975, nominated Zemits in the "Best Hydrodermabrasion Device" category, which it won.

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, an esteemed international publication founded in 1952 in France and now published in 30 countries, nominated Zemits in the "Best Facial Device" category, where it emerged victorious.

Devices Featuring this Technology:
Zemits Dermeluxx Pro: A versatile device that combines HydroDiamond cleansing with oxygen mesotherapy and cryotherapy.

It offers comprehensive protocols for toning, cleansing, exfoliation, and nutrient saturation, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow.
Zemits Verstand HD Pro: Ideal for either starting treatments from scratch or significantly enhancing them, this device integrates eight treatments led by the innovative HydroDiamond technology.

Its functionality includes cryotherapy, oxygen mesotherapy, electroporation, RF skin tightening, ultrasonic peeling, non-injection mesotherapy for the under-eye area, and vacuum therapy.

Zemits Hydroverstand: The system utilises the six most rejuvenation technologies to target sagging, dull skin and combat signs of ageing.

Unique to Zemits, the PPP oxygen massage technique revitalises skin cells, oxygenates and brings a healthy glowing look.
By offering these exclusive technologies, Zemits empowers beauty professionals to deliver exceptional results and set themselves apart in a competitive market.

Zemits EndoRF: Redefining Sculpting

It's widely acknowledged that a comprehensive protocol, combining multiple procedures, yields far superior results than a singular course of treatment. But what if a sculpting session could employ multiple technologies simultaneously in targeted areas?
EndoRF introduces an innovative amalgamation of vacuum exposure, roller massage, radio wave lifting, and infrared radiation in a single handheld device.

These technologies synergise to deliver a holistic outcome: reducing cellulite and fat deposits, enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic flow, activating cellular metabolism, and improving skin elasticity.

Each technology exerts its unique spectrum of influence:
✅The vacuum captures and "massages" the fatty layer.
✅The rollers provide additional massage, accelerating blood circulation and tissue lymph flow.
✅Infrared radiation accelerates cellular renewal, stimulates blood circulation, and oxygenates body cells.
✅RF lifting contracts stretched collagen fibres promotes neocollagenesis, and firms the skin.

In essence, one procedure encapsulates a complex protocol!
The EndoRF technique is integrated into the following cosmetology devices:

Zemits Bionexis Lite is a cutting-edge sculpting device equipped with three vacuum manipulatives for addressing body and facial concerns and a separate manipulative for cavitation.

Zemits Abigon Pro is another sculpting system that combines cavitation, vacuum, RF lifting, and infrared radiation to address various aesthetic issues comprehensively.

CryoRF Contrast Rejuvenation

It is introducing another innovation to captivate your clientele: Contrast Rejuvenation, a unique anti-ageing approach that seamlessly combines cryotherapy and RF lifting.

The Zemits FrioLift device, purpose-built for this procedure, emerged as our breakthrough discovery of 2023 and quickly became a customer favourite.
This sequential application of deep RF heating of the dermis and intense cryo-cooling creates an immediate thermal "shock" for the skin, augmenting the effectiveness of each technique when applied individually.
We recently conducted a thorough review of the technology and introduced the protocol. You can access the article via the provided link. Additionally, watch our comprehensive video review to immerse yourself in the advantages and features of the Zemits FrioLift device.

Vacuum-Thermal Sculpting

The final Zemits technique we'd like to discuss in this article is Vacuum-Thermal Sculpting with Zemits CelluSpice Pro.

This innovative fusion of vacuum power with thermal soft tissue heating yields more effective slimming and skin-tightening results than singular sculpting procedures.
✅The safe, non-electric heating significantly boosts local blood circulation and accelerates skin cell oxygenation.
✅This thermo-oxygenating effect, combined with the vacuum massage pulse, renders this technology a standout anti-cellulite method.
✅The device boasts three handpiece attachments tailored for sculpting various areas: buttocks, thighs, back, abdomen, waist, décolleté, neck, and arms.
✅Moreover, the device's nine pre-programmed protocols cater to diverse client concerns and requests via its user-friendly interface.
✅Additionally, manual settings allow customisation, enabling you to adjust pressure and temperature intensity even for the most sensitive skin types.
Your business updates should be innovative and practical. At Zemits, you'll discover both. Surprise your customers with this groundbreaking device. To experience the effectiveness of your desired device firsthand and familiarise yourself with its interface and operational protocol, we extend an invitation to a ShowRoom visit with a free demonstration with a Zemits-certified aesthetic advisor.

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