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The Best Treatments to Revive and Repair Summer-Ravaged Skin

While we may love the summer holiday season, the sun's light waves can harm our skin's health. When you plan your business beauty menu, it's a good idea to include after-summer treatment options to help your clients rehab their skin to a healthy, glowing, balanced complexion and increase your booking. Help your clients erase the signs of summer by checking out these helpful post-summer skin care solutions.
The weather conditions can have multiple effects on the skin. While some may be minor, others can strongly reflect a significant impact on your skin.
Hot temperatures and humidity dry out skin pores, sweat can clog them, and constant sun exposure can cause early signs of ageing and pose potential UV hazards. Luckily, nowadays, with advanced technologies from Zemits, beauty practitioners can offer effective treatments that can give the skin post-summer detox and rehabilitation.

Here are some ideas for cleansing and repairing the skin just in time for the leaves to fall and the air to cool.

For Sun-Damaged Skin: Hydro or Microdermabrasion

It involves the removal of the superficial layers of skin by physically exfoliating them with abrasive tips. Well-performing microdermabrasion with a high-quality machine, like Zemits Meister NG, results in unclogged pores, improved congestion, decreased acne, deeply cleansed and exfoliated skin, and a brighter complexion.

Dermabrasion is a minimally invasive treatment, especially if you are using fluid dermabrasion technology. Fluid hydro dermabrasion is an ideal action right after summer before cold weather impacts your skin. We recommend using one of our gentle hydro-peeling solutions, like Zemits HydroClear with lactic acid- Brightening Serum and Zemits Hydroverstand with a soft diamond tip to exfoliate the top layer of sun-damaged skin. And it is a very cost-effective treatment because you use only 3 to 5 ml of peeling solution for a session.

The final step will be Oxygen therapy with a spray gun to improve blood circulation and applying moisturising serum Zemits Oxytight to restore skin balance.

For Hyperpigmentation: LED light therapy and No-needle mesotherapy

Long-time sun exposure can cause excess pigmentation and damage skin cells. Green LED light therapy offers a promising solution for individuals seeking to address hyperpigmentation. Green LED light therapy can minimise dark spots and uneven skin tone by utilising its targeted wavelength and promoting melanin reduction. Use our latest Zemits EstiLED therapy device with moist options and moisturising serum to reduce after-sun bath pigmentation. Mesotherapy is another treatment that, when done regularly, is very helpful in treating certain cases.
Electroporation (no-needle Mesotherapy) by Zemits Klein EL involves the superficial no-needle transdermal delivery of vitamin blends and skin-boosting ingredients into the deeper layers of the epidermis and upper dermis layer. So, when it comes to hyperpigmentation, there's no one treatment option for a more even skin tone.

For Dehydration and Dryness: Zemits HydroLuxx facial and red LED light

Hot summer days can leave your skin parched and dehydrated. Excessive sweating can lead to moisture loss, leaving your skin dry and flaky. Staying well-hydrated is essential to reverse this by drinking plenty of water and using moisturisers that lock in hydration. Incorporating hyaluronic acid into your skincare regimen can help your skin retain moisture
The hydrodermabrasion by Zemits Hydroluxx with oxygen therapy is an advanced skin treatment combining cleansing and exfoliation with personalised boosters to improve hydro balance.
HydroLuxx hydrating protocol is favoured by aesthetic practitioners for its customisable approach, allowing therapists to tailor client treatment with various boosting serums to deliver the ideal combination of ingredients for the skin and suitable for all skin types.
LED Red Light Therapy - is a relaxing treatment that involves lying under an Oomnex Light Quantum lamp that emits specific wavelengths of light. Red light is recommended for dry skin to increase blood circulation and stimulate cellular activity, boosting collagen.

After just one session, skin can appear more hydrated and plump with any irritation calmed, although 5-10 sessions are usually recommended.

To avoid Premature Ageing: Hot and cold therapy by Friolift

The sun's UV rays can accelerate your skin's ageing process, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. This is often referred to as photoaging. Over time, UV radiation breaks down collagen and elastin, proteins responsible for maintaining your skin's elasticity and firmness. Zemits Friolift -first-of-its-kind contrast skin rejuvenating platform that combines the non-invasive most popular today with therapists and clients RF and holistic Cryo technology.

Depending on your client's personal goals, RF and Cryo treatments target issues such as skin tightening, detoxification, cell oxygenation, circulation, toning, firming, puffy eyes, and reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. With a three-step protocol, you can reduce wrinkles and improve skin laxity and tone.

Also, to mitigate premature ageing, recommend your clients to incorporate antioxidants like vitamin C into the skincare routine and consider using products with SPF even in non-summer months.


sun-soaked days is essential. With professional care and attention, you can help your clients' skin recover and prepare for the upcoming season. Remind them during the consultation that protecting the skin is an investment in long-term health and youthful appearance. So, bid farewell to summer with a rejuvenated and healthier complexion.

Non-invasive treatments offer a less risky and more accessible option for individuals looking to address skin damage after a hot summer without the downtime and potential complications associated with invasive procedures.

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