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Ultimate Cooling Experience

Zemits Coolrestore Elegance is a localised cryotherapy device designed to apply extreme cold in targeted areas of the body rapidly.

The device is used for targeted cryotherapy, fat reduction and cryo facials.
Cryotherapy, commonly called cold-assisted lipolysis, is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses cold temperatures to reduce fat deposits in certain body areas.

The technology is based on the finding that fat cells are more susceptible to damage from cold temperatures than other cells, such as skin cells. This is because the cold temperature injures the fat cells. The localised cold damage triggers an inflammatory response by the body, which results in the breaking of the fat cells and is naturally washed from the body through the lymphatic system.

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The Ultimate Cooling Experience

The Zemits CoolRestore Elegance System delivers an impressive range of benefits designed to address various client concerns and enhance overall well-being. With its cold-assisted lipolysis technology, the CoolRestore Elegance effectively targets visible fat bulges in areas such as the upper arm, bra fat, back fat, banana roll, thigh, abdomen, and flank well as the submental and submandibular areas. In addition, this versatile device also addresses lax tissue in the submental area, contributing to a more refined appearance.

This optional cooling treatment provides additional advantages, such as enhanced local circulation, which leads to smoother, firmer skin and a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

With the Zemits CoolRestore Elegance System, your clients will experience a comprehensive treatment that addresses their individual needs while promoting relaxation and an enhanced sense of well-being.
Zemits Technology
Treatment with the Zemits CoolRestore Elegance can be customized for each individual client that comes in depending on what their goal is. The system can reach as low as negative 5 Degrees Celsius. Each mode is preset to the ideal temperature to achieve the desired result.
Jasmine Coppedge
I have the Verstand Pro, the CoolRestore, and the Dermeluxx. So, this is a great brand. I love all our machines. With all three of these, there's not a facial that I can't do; there's not a skin concern that I can't address. It's the best lineup.
Licensed Cosmetologist
Chandelier Golic
I am proud to be partnered with Zemits and have their equipment to offer advanced skin care treatments to all of my clients. Knowing that my clients are receiving quality, affordable advanced treatments truly makes me happy, and it makes my clients happy to see them light up after their treatment. That is all I could ever ask for. Also, I love how easy it is to store all of my equipment. Thanks, Zemits!
Licensed esthetician
I've been an esthetician for 40 years. I've been looking for cryotherapy, and the one from Zemits fits exactly what I need
Élévatione Spa & Beauty
The Zemits machines are of excellent quality, and our clients are always satisfied with the results they get from each one! After using the Hydroverstand and Cool Restore machines, we have taken some before-and-after pictures, and the difference is incredible!
Allyria Dos Santos
Like using a device from the future. A smart phone display linked with "Cryo" based technology takes you right out of Sci-Fi movies, not only does the device perform at a level far beyond my expectations but it could not look 'cooler' while doing so. A sleek innovative design is the cherry on top of the already well-baked cake.
Dorota Dottie
Advanced Facials and Body treatments.

🔥Heat Shock Body Slimming : Radiofrequency Combined with 🥶cryotherapy for the Reduction of Localized Subcutaneous Fat

Combining RF with cryotherapy🥶in one single session is safe and effective for localized unwanted fat reduction in patients with localized subcutaneous fat problems.
Bri Caperello
🧊 This beauty is responsible for so many amazing results for the Face & Body!
Ramona Ciovica
Cryotherapy offers an effective solution without going under the knife!
Zemits CoolRestore Elegance performs an advanced treatment.
The Beauty Room
Nimi Kaur
There’s no surgery required. Losing weight is difficult. There’s no arguing that. Even if we exercise every day, it’ll take quite a long time for us to lose weight and get rid of fat. That’s not the case with this machine. CryoSculpting treatment is a safe body contouring procedure that’ll remove up to 25% fat cells. Nothing’s wrong with your body. But putting on too much weight can be detrimental to our health. Get rid of fat and lose weight easily with the CoolRestore machine.
Transformative Skin Expert
Our New Cool Restore Elegance machine is AMAZING! Results speak for themselves!
The forever results we all want…
A life changing treatment!
Licensed Esthetician and educator
Chandalli Gullick
🥰 So excited to offer this firming advance skincare treatment in my studio ✨
The Cool Elegance.
The Ultimate Cooling Experience!
This state-of-the-art CoolRestore Elegance treatment offers a powerful, safe, and non-invasive cooling treatment that delivers optimal cooling to targeted areas, resulting in rejuvenated, tightened skin and reduced local fatty deposits.
Licensed Esthetician

Introducing the Zemits CoolRestore Elegance

  • Uniquely double-feature system for both face and body. The medical-grade applicators are built for long-term use.
  • The temperature reaches up to-5 C but safe ranges with specific preset programs for your convenience. Negative Celsius temperature ranges achieve great cooling, slimming, tightening or skin rejuvenation results.
  • Pre-programmed settings for targeted treatments. No need to worry about complicated setting adjustments for each treatment, CoolRestore Elegance sets the parameters based on the body area.
  • It only requires distilled water instead of coolant, so safer system and easier maintenance. This also keeps the consumable cost low for your business, making it a highly profitable treatment.
  • Unique, high-end and lightweight design. The CoolRestore Elegance is a tabletop-size unit packed with larger power units, making it ideal for any treatment room.
  • A smart and user-friendly interactive interface that helps easily navigate. Select your mode and intensity, set the time, and CoolRestore Elegance takes care of the rest.
Smart Treatment Menu
Each treatment option is preset to help practitioners the easily set the system to the appropriate parameters.

The operator sets the treatment timer and selects one of three Cooling Intensities:
• Gentle
• Moderate
• Strong

W Treatment temperature will automatically be set to the small or large handpiece based on the treatment selected from the main menu. Practitioners can control current skin temperature for safe and pleasant treatment

Zemits Handpieces: Efficiency & Convenience

The Zemits CoolRestore Elegance features ergonomically designed handpieces crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and comfort during treatments.

These ice-cold handpieces operate solely on distilled water, eliminating the need for coolant and reducing overall maintenance costs.

With no additional consumables required apart from a conductive gel, the CoolRestore Elegance handpieces offer unparalleled ease of use and cost-effectiveness, making them the ideal choice for professionals seeking efficiency and convenience in their cryotherapy treatments.

Revolutionary CoolRestore Slimming

Discover the transformative power of body contouring with the Zemits CoolRestore Elegance. This advanced device targets stubborn fat deposits, offering clients a non-invasive and effective solution for reshaping their bodies. CoolRestore, a groundbreaking technology, uses controlled cooling to selectively break down fat cells without harming surrounding tissue.

The precise temperature control system ensures optimal cooling, initiating lipolysis in fat cells, which are then naturally processed and eliminated by the body, creating a more contoured appearance.
The Zemits CoolRestore Elegance is versatile, treating many body areas tailored to each client's needs. Popular zones include the abdomen, flanks, thighs, upper arms, and back. Achieve a flatter tummy, smoother love handles, reshaped thighs, toned upper arms, improved back contour, and a more defined jawline with the Zemits CoolRestore Elegance.

Body concerns to address with Cryo

1. Stubborn fat deposits
2. Cellulite
3. Loose skin
4. Low skin tone
5. Poor blood and lymphatic circulation
6. Edema and puffiness
7. Uneven fat deposits after surgical liposuction

Face concerns to address with Cryo therapy:

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Sagging skin on neck and decollete
  3. Decreased skin elasticity
  4. Post acne and aging pigmentation
  5. Dark circles and puffiness around eyes
  6. Hooded Brows
  7. Loose jaw line area
Due to the Holistic nature of CoolRestore Elegance, virtually everyone is an excellent candidate for this treatment. Only those clients with severe Reynaud's Syndrome or severe allergy to the cold would be non-eligible for treatment. In addition, clients looking for fat reduction, skin tightening, rejuvenating, or even overall improvement of the skin tone are all excellent candidates for a CoolRestore Elegance session.

Skin Tightening Treatment

Improve local skin metabolism, which results in the following:
  • Drastically increased blood and lymph circulation,
  • Instant reduction of puffiness and visible face lifting
  • Decreasing of pigmentation
  • Effectively boosted collagen and elastin production
  • CoolRestore Elegance Cryo Facial also helps to enhance the exfoliation of dry, dead cells on the skin surface and strengthen the skin improving its overall condition.
  • The low temperatures enhance the shedding of dead cells on the top skin layer and bring arterial blood (full of oxygen to the skin from the inside) to expose healthy and radiant skin beneath.
  • Zemits CoolRestore Elegance Facial treatments result in instantly tighter, firmer, and glowing skin.

Zemits Coolrestore KEY ADVANTAGES

  • Environmentally friendly: Utilizes distilled water without the need for nitrogen.
  • 100% holistic treatment: No ultrasound or electrical current; only controlled low temperatures.
  • Designed for professionals: Aestheticians and massage therapists can administer treatments without doctor supervision.
  • Dual-action technology: Addresses skin laxity and fat reduction simultaneously.
  • Effortless application: The elegant treatment technique makes the procedure simple to perform.
  • The intelligent operating system will easily select the SMART program you need for the treatment.
  • Affordable prices compared to similar products on the market without compromising technology, quality, and low consumables cost - you only need water-based gel.
Results after the procedure
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.
The potential to earn £90,000 in one year
Вased on two treatments per day
Double chin treatment
30 min
30 min
15 min
30 min
Cryo Facial Treatment
Eye lifting protocol
Body treatment
5 sessions
5 sessions
5 sessions
5 sessions
Aesthetic Equipment Financing
Grow your business now pay later
  • Up to 18 months
  • From 2000£ to 35000£
  • No downpayment
In-house financing from Zemits:
  • From 1000£ to 30000£
  • 45% downpayment
  • Interest-fee
  • Up to 12 months
  • Customised fee
Financing solution for small businesses:
What’s Included?
We at ZEMITS UK strive for our clients to succeed and stay current in the industry. Our Zemits support package is included with every purchase, so you can rest assured that you will receive all the backing you need to extend your business.
Marketing material
Lifetime support
User manuals
Free UK delivery
Technical service
Access to training portal
Exclusive client discounts
24 months warranty
Zemits UK business package

Zemits training program included with every product and picture

At Zemits, we provide you with a bespoke online training Portal. In this lecture-based instruction, each device is “deconstructed” through various lessons, from the setup, how each technology works, our guided protocol guidelines, maintenance tips, Q&A sessions, as well as the interaction of Zemits skincare to help clients achieve super results with their new Zemits device(s).

To further help and support our clients, we offer individual learning through Face-to-Face and hands-on training sessions with interactive/participative methods. Each session is 100% learner-centred and customised to each client’s level of knowledge and expertise. These in-person sessions empower students who are new to technology or have not used certain technologies for a long time.

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Go online with us for a long-distance aesthetic equipment demonstration and consultation.
Zemits UK is now offering live, virtual demos for our entire aesthetic product line! We strive to give people every opportunity to educate themselves on our technologies. We’re keen to offer this convenient option to those who want to learn more about our devices. We love it when prospective clients stop by for demonstrations at our showroom, and now we’re able to provide another convenient option!
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Combine technologies to enhance treatment result
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