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Naturalness is the trend of cosmetology in 2020

The main trend of the next decade is naturalness. The slogan “less is more” penetrates into all spheres of life, including cosmetology. Unnaturalness, surplus are in the past now. 

Naturalness is a trend in the beauty industry. But naturalness is sometimes the most difficult thing to achieve. After all, the speed and quality of life of a modern inhabitant of a metropolis only worsens the condition of the skin: constant lack of sleep, poor quality food, dust, pollution, ecology. 

How to maintain clean, healthy, shiny skin in such conditions?

Naturalness requires a systemic, well-coordinated mechanism. It is the perfect combination of quality home and professional care. What will fit? What machine are the most relevant? Let's figure it out.

Clear body lines

In 2020, the demand for non-surgical body shaping has increased. Clients have become more social and they don’t want to spend a long time in rehabilitation. Therefore, methods which do not lag behind operations in terms of effectiveness have become relevant. Here is a list of the most popular body shaping treatments.
This is the effect on fat cells with sound waves of different intensities. They create vacuum bubbles inside, which collapse, damage the integrity of the membranes. Since adipose tissue is 75% triglycerides, when the membrane is destroyed, they enter the intercellular fluid and are removed from the body by the lymphatic system. It is an effective remedy for localized fat and cellulite deposits.
This is a complex effect on the skin using vacuum and lymphatic drainage. The manipula exerts negative pressure on the fat layer and simultaneously kneads it. This treatment removes excess water and toxins from the body, strengthens blood vessels and fills with oxygen. Strengthens local blood circulation in problem areas, restores elasticity and removes harmful substances through sweat glands. Some machine, like Zemits Leger 2.0, have additional tips for facial treatments.
This is a skin tightening by heating the deep layers of the skin using radio waves. As a result of such a targeted heating of problem areas, metabolic processes in cells are accelerated, blood vessels expand and the fatty layer becomes thinner. But the most important thing is the effect of waves on the collagen fibers that connect the dermis and epidermis. Under such heating, they contract, regaining their firmness and elasticity.

When choosing professional equipment for a beauty parlor, it is better to stop at a machine that combines different types of exposure. Pay attention to the Zemits Abigon Pro by Zemits.

Having such a machine, you can combine different methods of exposure to achieve an effective result.

4. Let's talk about cleansing

The healthy skin trend is not easy to maintain. Every year more and more people suffer from acne, pigmentation, rosacea and other skin inflammations. Timely cleansing exfoliates dead skin particles, helping the skin to "breathe". This process is perhaps the most important for the skin, because this is how the pores are cleansed of excess sebum and impurities.

But often, the usual cleansing in the form of washing / cleansing is not enough. But how can you delicately cleanse the skin and at the same time fill it with useful substances? Here hydrodermabrasion from Zemits Hydroluxx will help.

The treatment with the help of a light vacuum opens the pores as much as possible, the attachments form a mini-vortex of vitamins and water, easily treat the selected area of ​​the skin. Hydrodermabrasion can be an initial step before other treatments, as it cleanses, exfoliates and opens pores. Easy to combine with other hardware techniques:

  • Chemical peels.
  • Microdermabrasion.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • Electroporation.
  • RF lifting.
  • Masks, serums and massage.

The use of special serums for hydrodermabrasion will enhance the effect of the pro. The beautician chooses an individual meso cocktail, starting from the individual characteristics of the client.

5. Lifting without surgery

Of course, this is SMAS-lifting - an innovative anti-age treatment of the latest generation. It was he who became an alternative to surgical manipulations, because he made it possible to obtain a safe tightening with a prolonged effect.

The Zemits UltraNexx SMAS lifting machine uses HIFU technology - this is an effect on the deep structural layers of the skin using ultrasonic waves. They do not injure the surface of the skin, penetrating inside to a certain depth. The machine creates “hot spots”, warming up the tissues and starting the processes of cell renewal, stimulates the creation of new collagen fibers.

The effect lasts for a long time - from 2 to 5 years. But unlike surgical and injection interventions, the treatment preserves natural lines without tightening the contours.

These hardware treatments will help maintain the skin's natural, shining appearance. When browsing equipment, make a choice in favor of trusted, quality manufacturers.

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