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Award-winning HydroDiamond™ technology Leads the Aesthetic Treatment industry

Zemits, a pioneering manufacturer of advanced aesthetic devices, captivates customers worldwide with its cutting-edge HydroDiamond™ technology. This innovative approach amalgamates the formidable attributes of hydrodermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion, revolutionising facial cleansing and skin enhancement.
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What Sets HydroDiamond™ Apart?
HydroDiamond™ represents an organic fusion of hydrodermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion, meticulously engineered to amplify procedural outcomes while curbing consumables, thereby increasing aestheticians' revenue streams.

The Science Behind HydroDiamond™

Traditional hydrodermabrasion has

limitations such as excessive serum expenditures and limited time, when skin is in contact with active ingredients.
HydroDiamond™ disrupts this paradigm by delivering serums directly onto the skin, enabling active ingredients to exert prolonged and intensified effects, delving deep into the dermal layers for maximal impact.
Innovative HydroDiamond™ Tips
Zemits sets a new benchmark with its groundbreaking dual diamond tip. By mitigating vacuum impact, this technology allows using these tips in delicate areas, ensuring efficacious removal of the stratum corneum sans undue skin tension.

The nuanced balance achieved through reduced vacuum effect and heightened diamond abrasiveness guarantees treatment efficacy and safety.

Experience the transformative power of HydroDiamond technology

with Vanessa Loizou

Achievements and Acclaim
HydroDiamond™ has not only become the favourite of hundreds of aestheticians worldwide, but also clinched two highly prestigious awards from leading US and European industry magazines in 2024:

⭐️ Dermascope, the first professional aesthetic publication in the USA, established in 1975, nominated Zemits in the “Best Hydrodermabrasion Device” category, which it won.

⭐️ Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, an esteemed international publication founded in 1952 in France and now published in 30 countries, nominated Zemits in the "Best Facial Device” category, where it emerged victorious.

These accolades underscore the unparalleled performance and technological supremacy of HydroDiamond™ within the realm of aesthetic treatments.
Continuing Innovation
Zemits remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, spearheading the industry with its advanced HydroDiamond™ technology. This paradigm-shifting innovation is poised to redefine beauty and skincare standards, empowering clients and practitioners with excellent results.

For further details, visit zemits.co.uk or reach out to sales@zemits.co.uk.
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