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Aesthetic Consultations with Skin Analysis Technology

Boost skincare and treatments sales with innovation.

Skin analysis technology allows clients to engage in consultations on a deeper level and better apprehend skin problems and their causes. This allows beauty salons and practices to advise relevant treatments and skincare to clients for increased satisfaction and business revenue.

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Comprehensive Skin Diagnostic of 12 Concerns with One Scan

Build trust with your clients

With Zemits Skin Analysis's excellent algorithm, clients can receive a bespoke skin report with treatment recommendations.

The consultation process is equally essential to the treatment stage regarding skin health. In the aesthetics business, this is the skin therapist's key opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency and expertise, define the client's problem, suggest an informed and educated solution and proceed confidently to the treatment stage.

Zemits Skin Analysis System

Discover the future of skin analysis with the Zemits, a revolutionary device designed explicitly for salon owners and aestheticians. Our cutting-edge technology combines the advanced technology of spectral imaging RGB, UV, and PL image analysis with an AI-powered algorithm to provide an in-depth, comprehensive assessment of your client's skin health.

After 12 years of testing and over 300 trials, this system provides a profound skin analysis in just 15 seconds.

This state-of-the-art tool enables you to precisely identify and address various skin concerns, enhancing your professional credibility and client satisfaction.
Zemits skin analyzer provides a detailed analysis of your skin, giving valuable insights about its condition and needs. With this information, our expert team can recommend a personalized skin care routine tailored specifically for clients! 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️
Thrive Health & Wellness
This advanced system is designed to analyse facial skin, capturing, displaying, and comparing results. It can identify a wide range of skin issues, including age spots, pores, moisture levels, texture, and wrinkles. With this comprehensive analysis, we can provide personalised recommendations for skincare products, treatments, and more, all aimed at giving your skin a radiant glow!
Injectables, Facials, and Skincare
Emma Lee
Are you struggling with wrinkles, fine lines, ageing skin or saggy skin?
Let me help you get your skin looking and feeling great!
With Zemits Skin Analysis I will provide a skin analysis consultation, advice & a taster facial
Skin & Aesthetics
VZ Beautytherapist
Skin Analyser is an advanced imaging system that uses a high resolution digital camera with 3 spectrum imaging to analyse 10 facial problems including acne, open and blocked pores, hyper-pigmentation, broken capillaries, uv damage and wrinkles. It produces detailed images and reports.
I have chosen this device for diagnosing facial skin because it is a great help for both the specialist and the patient to see deeper into the problem, providing valuable insights and improving the accuracy of treatments.

Explore Zemits Skin Analysis precise metrics

RGB spectral visualization of pores: analyzes pores as low as 0.02-0.05 mm in diameter.

RGB Spectral visualization of wrinkles: analysis of the depth of skin creases and its irregularities. The condition of wrinkles is accurately determined by the detailed analysis.

RGB spectral visualization of acne: analysis of dark spots on round-shaped skin and darker than normal colors.

Spectral visualization of the PL skin texture: This is the display of the relief, texture of the skin surface, as well as the prediction of future age-related changes.
UV Pigmentation
Pigmentation analysis via UV spectral imaging: This is a display not only of the current pigmentation situation, but also of the prediction of future formations. The darker areas require more attention.

Brown Area
Brown zone: This is a zonal fixation of cell metabolism, which is responsible for the restoration of cells after cosmetic manipulations. With the help of Zemit’s Pro analysis, a cosmetologist can see areas of delayed intracellular metabolism.

UV Porphyrin
Spectral visualization of porphyrin UV: Sebum secretion and the area of distribution of black dots.

Spectral visualization of the PL skin texture: This is the display of the relief, texture of the skin surface, as well as the prediction of future age-related changes.
UV Damage
UV damage: Pigmentation can occur at different levels of the skin. It is formed under the negative action of ultraviolet rays and is a stain. The device fixes the depth and size of age spots.

UV Moisture
UV hydration: How much the moisture level of the dermis corresponds to the norm.

Skin Aging
Skin aging: Shows the dynamics of the aging process of the skin, provided that the client will not change anything in the care.

Skin condition
Improvement of the skin condition: Displays the dermatological scenario of the future 3-5 years, provided that properly selected care is used.

Benefits for Business

  • Increases treatment bookings and skincare sales
  • Visually displays treatment progress for superior follow-ups and evaluations.
  • Streamline your consultation process with precise, data-driven analysis for every step of the skincare journey.
  • Builds customer trust and loyalty; boosts overall client service satisfaction
  • Visually and scientifically supports your knowledge and expertise.
  • Allows development of more precise, fine-tuned treatment plans
  • Visually displays treatment progress for superior follow-ups and evaluations.
  • Leverage the value of detailed reports as a powerful tool to generate word-of-mouth referrals, expand your client base and drive revenue


  • 10,1-inch large screen for ultra-precise analysis
  • Built-in large-capacity drive and expandable SD card.
  • Superior 16-megapixel screen resolution for enhanced detail
  • A comprehensive evaluation of 12 essential skin factors, including hydration, pores, sebum, texture, and pigmentation
  • In-depth analysis of ageing, UV damage, and wrinkles for proactive care
  • Rapid, 15-second complete skin assessment, with foresight into clients' skin conditions up to 3-5 years ahead
  • Create customised reports and document progress for clients' education and treatment planning.
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What’s Included?
We at ZEMITS UK strive for our clients to succeed and stay current in the industry. Our Zemits support package is included with every purchase, so you can rest assured that you will receive all the backing you need to extend your business.
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Zemits UK business package

Zemits training program included with every product and picture

At Zemits, we provide you with a bespoke online training Portal. In this lecture-based instruction, each device is “deconstructed” through various lessons, from the setup, how each technology works, our guided protocol guidelines, maintenance tips, Q&A sessions, as well as the interaction of Zemits skincare to help clients achieve super results with their new Zemits device(s).

To further help and support our clients, we offer individual learning through Face-to-Face and hands-on training sessions with interactive/participative methods. Each session is 100% learner-centred and customised to each client’s level of knowledge and expertise. These in-person sessions empower students who are new to technology or have not used certain technologies for a long time.

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Zemits UK is now offering live, virtual demos for our entire aesthetic product line! We strive to give people every opportunity to educate themselves on our technologies. We’re keen to offer this convenient option to those who want to learn more about our devices. We love it when prospective clients stop by for demonstrations at our showroom, and now we’re able to provide another convenient option!
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