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Zemits success story: Interview with Monika Hofmann, Salon Owner from Coulsdon, about her journey in the industry

— Monika, please introduce yourself.
— My name is Monika Hofmann. I have been an aesthetic therapist for more than ten years. Last year I opened my own Salon, Monika Hofmann Aesthetics, based in the heart of Coulsdon. We offer treatments such as waxing, IPL, anti-age, acne, deep cleansing and exfoliation, hydration and rejuvenation for clients of all ages, genders and skin types to address various skin concerns.
— Tell us more about how you got into the industry.
Well, I started with my first introductory training course for waxing and nails. The more I worked with clients, my confidence and interest in beauty industry evolved. I talked to people who shared their concerns and insecurities regarding their face and skin health. I wanted to help them, bring relaxation, and impact their well-being with my services. So, a few years later, my interest in skin pushed me to further my education, attend more courses about skin care products and treatment options, and build a career as an aesthetic therapist.
— In your opinion, what are the most prominent challenges a beginner in the industry must overcome? Share some tips on how to succeed.
— The biggest challenge for new practitioners is to assess the skin problems, choose the proper solution to build an effective and comfortable treatment plan based on the client's expectations and achieve the best results. It takes time to obtain professional expertise and a lot of learning.

My main tips for beginners are - always continue learning and educate yourself. Choose your courses or school wisely, collect genuine reviews before committing, and make sure you learn from the best. Nowadays, hundreds of so-called "professionals" promote themselves on social media, gathering students. Yet, when you carefully listen to their materials and recommendations, any true professional can see they have no expertise or practice and shouldn't teach others.
For this reason, I love my partnership with Zemits. They supply quality machines and portable devices. This comes with comprehensive training support, treatment protocols, lifetime access to a training portal and free virtual aesthetic consultations, so you can continuously expand your knowledge of aesthetic technologies.
— One challenge is building clientele! For an established salon, you already have the repertoire and connections. How did you tackle this issue as a new entrepreneur?
— The best tool is social media, like Instagram and Google. You can target a potential local audience by tagging your location in posts and stories, demonstrating your expertise and teaching beauty tips. Talk about how treatment affects the skin, what they will experience and your homecare routine to prolong the results after the course. Make the content fun but educational and beneficial for your followers.

Before & after pictures are highly effective. You are documenting a journey from a real person with real experiences that your clients can reflect on, not just some pretty pictures from a magazine with fake promises, but actual results that show both your successes and failures. In this case, failure could lead you to success - trust in new customers. I just remembered, take your client's written consent (smiles).

Zemits gave me pre-packaged marketing materials with creative stories, videos and images about technology and the benefits of treatment, including actual before & after from cosmetologists worldwide! So, if you don't have any before & after pictures, you will have something to begin with.
— During summer, aestheticians are limited in the treatments they can do. Such as chemical peel due to sun exposure. What are the most sought treatments from your menu?
— Hydrodermabrasion with my Zemits Hydrovestand. It's a gentle skin cleansing and exfoliation treatment you can offer even for sensitive skin. You can include this in your beauty menu during the sunny season. Although it requires a few days of avoiding direct sunlight and sunbathing, with my aftercare recommendation and applying quality daily 50 SPF sun cream, it is a perfectly safe treatment for the summer.
— You purchased our Zemits HydroVesrtand a year ago. Tell us, why did you decide on this specific skin-health system?
I've done market research, and hydrodermabrasion appeared as one of the most trendy treatments. So I start looking for an affordable and effective machine to expand my services. Zemits UK was recommended to me by my colleagues from the aesthetic community. I chose Zemits because of their reputation on the market, other therapists' accounts and a wonderful experience with my sales advisor Cindy.
— I've noticed our Zemits Full Hydrodermabrasion Solution Set in your treatment room. Are you satisfied? Are consumable costs reasonable to keep your treatment profitable?
I love that set. It works with any skin type and helps extract even very clogged pores. And for procedures with Zemits dermabrasion technology, I use just 5-10 ml, so it lasts for a few dozen treatments.
— What about ROI? How fast have you returned your investment?
— It took me up to five months to return my investment because I had just opened my salon, and treatment prices were reasonable to build my clientele. It has taken some time, but I have continuously profited for the last six months.
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— Tell me a little more about your customer journey with Zemits.
— I love the company! You are the most professional team I've ever had to deal with. The in-house finance option Zemits offers is a great purchase scheme, as I could not pay outright; the equal monthly instalments were convenient, reducing the financial pressure.

The training experience was also excellent! But the highlight - is customer service. I can call and ask any questions to my advisor Cindy. She knows everything about the technologies, gives recommendations and always has time for me. My machine had a technical issue, but it was resolved quickly! I dropped off my machine to be serviced in the afternoon; I picked it up the next day without losing any appointments. I am a small business representative, but with Zemits, I feel important and valued.
— On a closing note, please share some rewarding stories about your clients.
— Oh, yes. I have a client that survived skin cancer. She experiences unpleasant skin concerns, like furuncles and acne. I need to treat her skin very carefully and with caution. One day she came with a horrible furuncle in the middle of her forehead. So I needed to extract it. When we started, it burst so unexpectedly, with such pressure, that some parts shot onto my ceiling.

We could not stop laughing together with a client for a long time. In the end, I scrubbed the spot, provided cleansing and healing treatment, gave some homecare recommendations, and it was gone in a few days without any scarring or marks left. Seeing my clients happy and confident is my biggest reward.
If you would like to book your treatment with Monika Hofmann Aesthetics, please visit https://monikahofmannaesthetics.co.uk

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