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Thirteen Years of Zemits: our journey to Success!

Zemits is a dream that was breathed into life 13 years ago. Zemits is the journey from the idea of creating affordable quality solutions for aesthetic practitioners worldwide to an international family of like-minded people.
Thirteen years for us is not the limit but only the beginning. New achievements are ahead of us, and we will share them with you!
Difficulties accompany any path. But we expanded and moved forward despite the hardships. Today we will remember what was on the way to our shared dream.
2019 was marked by the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, which had the most significant impact on the world's beauty industry. Due to limitations and restrictions, thousands of beauty salons could not withstand the closure.

But, despite the difficulties, we kept our entire team, and even more — we opened a branch in the UK.

Our team in London has been contributing to developing the beauty business for the fourth year and is a regular participant in leading exhibitions in Great Britain and Europe.

The year 2022 started with a terrifying test for Ukraine and the world — the beginning of a full-scale invasion and aggression by Russia, which continues today. Despite the problems, fear and danger, we have kept our Ukrainian team at full strength and continue to support the country's economy during this difficult time. And despite the crisis, our European family is expanding!

In 2022, the Zemits showroom in Spain and representative offices in France and Norway began to operate. The same year, a new branch was opened in San Diego, USA.

Zemits is an international family of professionals! Thank you all, our dear clients, for trusting us. It is just the beginning ❤️

Zemits attended leading events in the industry in 2023

Professional events are the best way to expand your horizons. Following innovations and trends, we help you choose the best equipment and strengthen your business.

✅ February 20-21 — Professional Beauty Dubai, UAE
✅ March 5-6 — Professional Beauty London, Great Britain
✅ March 5-7 — IECSC New York, USA
✅ April 1-3 — Estetika Bruxelles Expo, Belgium
✅ April 2-3 — Beauty Forum Warszawa, Poland
✅ April 23-24 — International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Philadelphia, USA
✅ April 25-26 — Future Beauty Show Dublin, Ireland
✅ June 3-5 — Premiere Beauty Shows, Orlando, USA
✅ June 11-12 — International Congress of Esthetics & Spa Dallas, USA
✅ June 25-26 — IECSC Las Vegas, USA
And there are even more vivid events ahead, hundreds and thousands of new acquaintances and clients! After all, we are planning even more events this year:
⭐️ August 20-21 — ICES Long Beach, USA
⭐️ September 9-10 — BEAUTY FORUM, Warsaw, Poland
⭐️ September 20-23 — InterCHARM 2023, Kyiv, Ukraine
⭐️ September 25-26 — PB North, Manchester, Great Britain
⭐️ October 1-2 — Premiere San Antonio, USA
⭐️ October 8-9 — Premiere Columbus, USA
⭐️ October 15-16 — Olympia Beauty, London, Great Britain
⭐️ November 6-7 — ICES Miami Beach, USA

New products launched in 2023 by Zemits

We also continue to expand our product line. Only half a year has passed, and we have already presented several outstanding novelties:
⭐️ Zemits CrystalFrax Pro is a fractional, non-invasive RF skin tightening device. A technology that makes rejuvenation treatments even more effective for your clients.

This is a device that will bring you profit all four seasons because fractional RF has many advantages:
  • Anti-age skin tightening
  • Absolute comfort and safety
  • needle-free
  • Easy to operate

⭐️ Zemits Ultranexx Lite is a HIFU 3D SMAS-lifting device in a tabletop body that perfectly fits even the smallest salons and beauty rooms.

The main features:
  • One handpiece with three cartridges: from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm penetration depth.
  • Each cartridge has a resource of 20,000 lines.
  • Touch screen for treatment setting adjustment.

⭐️ Zemits FrioLift - a revolutionary Cooling RF Contrast skin rejuvenation system, is meticulously engineered to elevate your spa experience.

This state-of-the-art equipment synergises the power of Cryotherapy and RF technology, delivering optimal results for clients seeking tighter skin and more contoured facial lines. The FrioLift's cutting-edge design allows for precise temperature control and unparalleled safety, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty.

⭐️ Zemits Verstand HD is a unique multi-application facial machine representing a synergy of the 8 most sought-after technologies for treating ageing, congested, dull skin. The system offers the most proven fluid hydro dermabrasion technology - non-invasive skin resurfacing, cleansing, hydration, extraction and exfoliation protocols for treating clogged and pigmented skin.

This advanced skin health platform can also address ageing and sagging skin or can be used as prep for other aesthetic treatments to existing services.

Join the Zemits family to develop the beauty industry together!

Zemits is a brand with an international name. And this success is due to our dedication to our client and implementing the most trending technologies in an inexpensive and easy-to-operate platform with the potential to return your investment in 2-3 months.

We are aiming to make the leading aesthetic technologies affordable for professionals worldwide.
We are only moving forward with ambitious plans and goals!

Thank you for being a part of the Zemits Family, and to express our gratitude - we have prepared GIFTS for you. Let's celebrate together!

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