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Three reasons to open a laser aesthetic business

The aesthetic industry is constantly expanding with new treatments and new technologies. Although, in general, this is wonderful for aesthetic practitioners and clients as they become more aware of treatments for the face and body, it is also creating a difficulty: There is much more competition than previously, especially in laser hair removal.
Once considered a novel concept, laser hair removal has become mainstream. As a result, the market for this approach of removing body hair is growing at an annual rate of 15.4% and is expected to reach over £3.15 billion by 2030 globally.
So, why invest in laser hair removal in the first place? And can we bring profit into a laser aesthetic business?

Reason number one: fast-growing market

As the number of laser spas grows, demand increases even more. That is one reason why you should open your own laser business.

Laser hair removal is slowly becoming a serious competitor of waxing or threading places and other hair removal methods. Nevertheless, they are strong contenders and are growing to be the hair removal option for the treatment's good results. After all, shaving is a close-to-daily task, and waxing is a painful monthly routine. On the other hand, After the laser treatment, expect long-term hair growth reduction or even permanent hair-free skin.

Thus, it is time to look at the business opportunities there. A laser clinic can also diversify in laser treatments such as tattoo removal, pigmentation reduction, skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.
In addition, improvements in laser technologies, like Zemits Quidion triple wavelength hair removal, and its affordable price, will also help boost the demand for laser hair removal treatments as they become more efficient, more secure, safer, and cheaper.

As a result, more patients can afford the procedure and are considering it, therefore driving demand up.
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Reason number two: sizeable potential audience to target

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment type amongst both men and women. Another basis behind the increased demand for laser hair removal is that technological progress led to treating demographics otherwise excluded from getting laser treatments. For example, for a long time, we believed that people of colour and people with fair hair would not undergo laser hair removal. While this was true for safety and efficiency reasons in the past, it is no longer the case.
Triple wavelength lasers, such as Zemits Quidion, combine the synergy of three wavelengths: Alexandrite (755 nm), Diode (808nm), and Nd: YAG (1064 nm).
And penetrate the lights more profound into the skin, avoiding the melanin pigment in the skin's epidermis, safer than other lasers because it can, It is used for permanent hair reduction of all colour hair on all 6 Fitzpatrick skin types, including tanned skin. Indeed, they do not rely too much on melanin to penetrate the skin layer. It also allows targeting blonde, ginger and red hair. Making laser hair removal possible for a wider pool of customers will drive the demand and significantly enhance profit.

Reason number three: high return on investment

Despite the competitive industry, there is still room big enough to accommodate aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open their own laser hair removal business in the UK.

You will compete with a broad spectrum of hair removal providers, including waxing, threading, sugaring, etc. However, if you do your due diligence, pick a good location and get on pretty quick with marketing, you will always make headway in the industry.
Depending on your location, the average UK hair removal treatment price starts from £350 whole-body with a minimum package of 6 sessions, with the potential to earn £320,000 in one year based on one treatment of each area per day.
⭐️ How to invest smartly in laser equipment?
Believe you want your laser hair removal business to be a success story. You need to be capable of offering this type of treatment effectively and competitively priced to overcome high competition.
A vast array of lasers is on the market today, presenting investors with bewildering and daunting purchasing choices.

⭐️ What are the features essential in your laser?
  • Fast treatments for more booking
  • Painless treatments for all skin types and different levels of pain tolerance
  • Effective results - for good reviews and feedback from your clients
This brings us to the Zemits Quidion triple wavelength laser, our number 1 pick for hair removal.
The cutting-edge technology of the Zemits Quidion represents the exemplar of effective, prompt and comfortable laser hair removal for all skin types. Combining adaptive triple wavelength technology with optimum power output, the Zemits Quidion delivers remarkable results and client delight.
With an ergonomic design, production quality, intelligent software and the newest operation and diagnostic technology, you can rely on Zemits Quidion is genuinely outstanding in laser hair removal.
⭐️ Operation: Zemits Quidion represents the latest generation of SMART operational systems, as it also automatically uploads up-to-date software. Furthermore, with the advanced interface, you no longer need to keep your clients' record cards because the system will save all the information.
The system allows you to insert all the client's parameters into the database: contact phone number, appointment date, sex, contraindications (if any), treatment area and skin type. In addition, the system will manually save all the parameters adjusted by the practitioner for a particular client.

⭐️ Light emitter lifetime. Our three-wave laser is guaranteed to have 20-50 million shots, which will be enough for 3-7 years of intensive use.
⭐️ Highly effective. Zemits Quidion uses three Wavelengths: 755 nm Alexandrite, 808 nm Diode, 1064 nm Nd YAG. Those are the worldwide "gold standards" for the most effective hair reduction in the selected area without traumatising surrounding skin tissues.

⭐️ Double-application system. Zemits Quidion laser allows the carrying out of two treatments: laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation. It is an excellent advantage for the practitioner to expand the treatment list. How does the treatment work? Tripple-laser wavelengths transfer energy reaching a different depth of dermal tissue. The fluency of each shot is delivered low but rapidly to heat the dermal tissue collectively and thermally injures the hair follicle. The delicate skin tissue is left unaffected, but trauma impairs the function of the biological elements responsible for hair regrowth.

To Summarise

It is a great time to get into the laser and aesthetics industry, with the demand for treatment growing yearly. With the proper strategy, developing a highly profitable business through delivering laser treatments is possible. Zemits UK offers excellent support for newly established laser clinics to help you grow in the most effective way possible. For more details on how we can help you choose the best equipment, please book a FREE virtual consultation with our experienced adviser!

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