The magical powers of oxygen

The health and beauty of our skin depend on oxygen. A lack of oxygen will weaken and damage tissue, causing early ageing and pure skin tone and complexity. With time, skin cells are starved of nutrients, but refilling oxygen to our cells can provide vitality. Oxygen Facial is a well-known and clinically proven therapy to boost your skin's resources with this hydrating and rejuvenating treatment.
The latest innovation from our brand is Zemits GlareOxy. It is an oxygen system combining a large oxygen dome with LED Light Therapy and Oxygen Infusion/Injection to rejuvenate and replenish the skin.
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Benefits of Zemits GlareOxy

Unlike other oxygen system modalities, the dome attachment expands the application of oxygen and LED light into a two-step treatment. The oxygen dome with LED light fully immerses refined oxygen into the skin's layers with a stream of up to 97% oxygen, negative ions, and anions pumped into the dome and misted across the skin. As a result, the body's circulation improves, and free radicals stabilise. The flow of refined oxygen with LED light decreases redness and acne-causing bacteria. The aesthetician can apply the serum with an oxygen infusion gun to revitalise tone and texture. The most often skin condition you can address with Zemits GlareOxy oxygen therapy:

Fighting acne

There are various types of acne. For example, Propionibacterium acne is caused by bacteria and can result in unsightly acne on your face.
In synergy with LED light therapy, Oxygen treatment has an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent. It will detoxify the skin and reduce inflammation. Clogged skin cells can trap oils and filth, causing acne. When your skin cells are clogged, they cause the pores to enlarge and prevent them from accepting serums that work to heal acne. Oxygen dome treatment reduces the size of pores.

Uneven skin tone

During the oxygen injection treatment, an aesthetician can infuse peptides, botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid and vitamins for brighter skin tone. It also suffices to note that oxygen helps to prevent the skin from absorbing unwanted chemicals that can cause hyperpigmentation.

Dry and sagging skin

Dehydrated skin may stand because the skin doesn't retain moisture. When we repeatedly expose our body to sunlight, pollution and dust, the skin will lose its moisture over time. The result of this is dull and lifeless skin. Additionally, it's not uncommon to find many people who naturally have dehydrated skin. The oxygen dome treatment helps the skin to restore its natural Ph balance. The therapy also helps to boost your body's collagen production — keeping you healthy and looking younger.
One advantage of oxygen dome treatment is that it helps detoxify your skin. Flawless skin doesn't have to be a fantasy anymore with Zemits GlareOxy.
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Configuration and technology

Zemits GlareOxy has a user-friendly operational system. All options are easy to choose with one push of the button. Zemits GlareOxy system includes:

⭐️ Oxygen Generator. No replaceable air tanks are needed. Zemits GlareOxy generates pure oxygen flow from the room air with its advanced concentration and filtration technology. High Oxygen Concentration technology will provide from 93% to 97% pure oxygen.

⭐️ Oxygen Dome with LED Light. A facial dome with built-in LED light panels provides pure oxygen in a hyperbaric-like chamber. Dome will release oxygen while providing LED light therapy. The extra-large dome has been designed to create a free space inside, providing a comfortable and relaxing patient experience and minimising claustrophobia. For LED light therapy, select between Red, Blue, Green or various combos of these colours.

  • RED LED 640 nm: for anti-ageing treatment, sagging skin and wrinkles.
  • GREEN LED GREEN 495 nm: to treat rosacea and pigmentation for sensitive skin.
  • BLUE LED 430 nm: helps to reduce inflammation and combat acne bacteria.
  • COMBO LED: great mode for combining treatment protocols.

Built-in dynamics with easy-to-connect Bluetooth technology allow the patient to listen to their favourite music or podcast during the most relaxing LED light therapy.

Watch the video with Zemits GlareOxy

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⭐️ Oxygen Serum Infusion Gun. The oxygen gun handpiece provides pure oxygen with boosting serum infusion. It encourages maximum absorption of nutrients, allows deep hydration, restores skin vitality and adds a long-lasting glow.

⭐️ Dual Oxygen Needle-free Injection - the treatment energises, repairs, and increases cell metabolism through oxygen's power. Two specific oxygen injectors and a Y-shaped oxygen hose deliver a simultaneous powerful oxygen flow to both sides of the face. It helps to perform a deep and precise infusion of the pure oxygen stream and applied serum.

All these works together to give you an even skin tone.

A patient will also experience smoother skin that will last for an extended period. It also suffices to note that oxygen helps to prevent the skin from absorbing unwanted chemicals that can cause hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, the oxygen dome treatment allows the skin to restore its natural Ph balance. The therapy also helps to boost collagen production — keeping you healthy and looking younger.

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