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How to Choose Professional Skinсare Lines for Your Spa

Running a solid base of loyal clients is the key to success for any aesthetic business. To achieve that goal, you must create an unforgettable and personalised experience for every visitor.
Though developing a thoughtful treatment list and a calming atmosphere can help, it comes down to results. If your clients are happy with their results, they will keep coming back.
Professional aestheticians have the training and experience to administer treatments, but the outcome will only be as good as the products themselves. Therefore, choose professional skincare for treatments that aligns with your beauty business and delivers effective and reliable result.

Six key features

Shopping for skincare can be tricky for anyone, but especially for spa professionals whose clients rely on you to make informed decisions on their behalf. Here are six key features to look for in a skincare line:

⭐️ Natural ingredients. The efficacy of a product is all about the ingredients. Look for a product line that uses safe, natural ingredients without all the synthetic additives.

⭐️ Proven efficacy. It's one thing for a company to make claims about their products and another to prove them. Look for references from other professionals, visit professional shows and research in specific press.

⭐️ Suitability. You see clients with different skin types and various concerns, so you need a product line to meet all of those needs. And take in mind if you can use these products with your professional devices.

⭐️ Up to date. Trends come and go, but choosing a skincare line that stays abreast of changes in the industry is essential. Consider skin types and problems you can address and your client's beliefs and principles. All Zemits Skincare is cruelty-free, and most of the products are vegan.

⭐️ Home aftercare options. When choosing a skincare line, you want a brand that offers the high-quality professional products you need treatments but your clients to use the home for aftercare for better results. Zemits Silkentox clay mask for a weekly routine or Zemits LumiosClear for daily cleansing.

️⭐️ Cost of consumables. Product pricing affects your profits from every treatment. Zemits skincare has a highly potent formula, so you use very little on each session and increase your profit.

Benefits of Zemits Professional SkinCare Products

Zemits skincare was created for the aesthetic protocols following four main grounds.

Safety of the treatment

Our technologies are based on the effect of electric, ultrasound and radio pulses in the deep layers of the skin.
  • Efficiency. The complex of potent ingredients substances penetrates the cells thanks to the influence of specific techniques.
  • Preparation for the treatment. For every treatment, the skin has to be ready for the best outcome.
  • Completion of the protocol. It refers to the final stage of care when the skin needs moisturising or tightening pores.
Created specifically for the professional protocols

Removing all make-up and cleaning the skin before facial treatment are essential. First, clean the client's skin with gentle cleansing foam Zemits Lumios Clear suitable for all skin types, and then we restore the PH balance with Zemits Joyfil tonic. It contains natural ingredients for soothing and cleansing the skin — willow bark hydrolase, extracts of pumpkin seeds, witch hazel, kelp, and black walnut.

We use the built-in ultrasonic scrubber to cleanse and exfoliate the impurities' pores gently. Applying the Zemits Openskin hydrating gel helps open the pores, loosens the contaminants inside and peels the dead cells.
For hydro or fluid dermabrasion and oxygen therapy, Zemits developed innovative FULL SET Hydrodermabrasion solutions.

The brightening hydro-peeling serum Zemits HydroClear profoundly cleanses and softens the skin, significantly removing the stratum corneum and sebum from the pores. Zemits HydroClear Serum's enriched formula helps easily remove dead skin cells with deep exfoliation while also providing intense hydration. The natural ingredients of the Zemits HydroClear hydro-peeling solution strengthen the skin, have a lifting effect and eliminate the appearance of fine wrinkles. Zemits HydroClear is suitable for all skin types.
Zemits SalicPure is a multifunctional serum for oily and problematic skin care. The perfect combination of salicylic acid and willow bark gently exfoliates the skin, preventing impurities from forming. As a result, the skin remains visibly radiant and hydrated. The potent ingredients of SalicPure Hydro-Peeling Solution strengthen, soothe and reduce inflammation. Ideal for oily and problem skin.

Skin Repair & Boosting Serum Zemits Oxytight for oxygen infusion is a powerful synergy of peptides and hyaluronic acid to fight wrinkles, deeply moisturise the skin, and improve its elasticity. Zemits Oxytight is suitable for all skin types. It brightens and rejuvenates and leaves the client's skin glowing after treatment.
We recommend applying a mask or cream at the end of any treatment. Regenerating alginate face mask, Zemits Q-Refresh restores moisture level in cells and strengthens and tones the skin. Perfect for dry, irritated or sensitised skin and the excellent finishing step to a facial treatment.

The formula was formulated with active ingredients with the intent to create balance for an advanced skincare facial. Zemits Silkentox is a detox mask based on blue clay. Gentle care for sensitive skin.
And at the end and most important, Zemits skincare line is budget-friendly. Professional products are made with a high concentration of active ingredients and work out more cost-effectively because of no need to use a lot of products.

Zemits Skincare - comprehensive care and long-lasting results for your clients ❤️

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