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Spotlight on Hydrodermabrasion. Why is this treatment is must-have in your aesthetic business?

Having a facial is a great way to boost your skin, receive professional advice from a skin professional, and sit back and enjoy a sense of well-being while being pampered.

Some facials can be too harsh for people who suffer from sensitive skin. Still, Hydrodermabrasion with Zemits Hydroluxx is for everyone, suitable for all skin types, and delivers immediate, noticeable results. It is an excellent solution for deep cleansing and gentle resurfacing without downtime, redness and side effects, which will keep your clients returning regularly.

What is Hydrodermabrasion?

You have probably heard of a traditional skin resurfacing treatment called Crystal Dermabrasion or Diamond dermabrasion, and the aesthetic industry refers to it as microdermabrasion.

A hydrodermabrasion facial uses the healing powers of water to lift out impurities. It is gentle, cleanses pores and, in turn, promotes rejuvenation.
Hydrodermabrasion improves the skin’s overall texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and provides deeper hydration. In addition, congested and enlarged pores will be cleansed, concentrated, and minimised over time when this treatment is part of a regular skincare regime.

It’s an excellent choice for tender or susceptible skin. Super effective if you have darker skin tones, ageing, congested and/or blemished skin, as well as dry skin. Oily skin can also reap the rewards, as hydrodermabrasion helps to make it less greasy and can minimise pores to give a more even and clear complexion.
Hydrodermabrasion is one of the most in-demand facials sweeping the beauty treatments market, known as “The Red-Carpet Facial Treatment” or “The celebrity facial”.
Hydrodermabrasion is suitable for all skin, including men and women, but Zemits protocol requires male clients to have a freshly shaven face for the treatment.
Hydrodermabrasion facial will significantly reduce mild acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. In addition, your skin will see fresh-faced results immediately after the treatment session.
Hydrodermabrasion is the perfect treatment if you need a gentle yet thorough facial directly before a big event, such as a wedding, a photo shoot or an important presentation.

If you have some dark spots, e.g. age-related liver spots or hyper-pigmentation, hydro facial will help eliminate these over time.
Thanks to its gentler techniques and soothing serum applications, hydrodermabrasion is perfectly suitable for treating clients over the colder winter months compared to the more rigorous and intensive methods of standard microdermabrasion.
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Hydrodermabrasion VS Crystal/Diamond Dermabrasion

Through a Hydrodermabrasion facial treatment, the skin care professional bathes the skin with solutions or serums that simultaneously perform a cleansing, hydrating, firming, and smoothing effect on the skin to promote skin’s health as well as immediate rejuvenation.

Zemits HydroLuxx is a unique Hydrodermabrasion device that carries out a simple, effective regimen — cleansing/exfoliation, extractions and then a finishing step infusing the skin with Zemits Oxytight (Skin Repairing & Boosting Serum) through Oxygen Infusion therapy. The Zemits Hydroluxx device is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, ageing, and thin skin and all Fitzpatrick skin tones.
Please Check out this video teaser of how the Zemits Hydroluxx treatment is performed
The device’s tips are equipped with a technology that vacuums out pores while simultaneously treating the skin with beautifully crafted Hydrodermabrasion solution serums (Zemits Hydroclear and Salicpure) which not only assist in providing moisturisation, brightening, breaking down keratinised skin cells, rebalancing congested skin as well as delivering lymphatic drainage.
With the special spiral tips, you will no longer need to skip an extraction step because this technology allows you to offer virtually painless extractions without side effects.

With the Zemits Hydroluxx, you can offer an immediate skin transformation with zero downtime. We love the instant radiance and glow post-treatment.

Apart from the standard protocol steps, the professional can co-create and provide personalised add-ons, such as the Zemits LED Oomnex or a top-to-toe package with the Zemits Sisley 2.0 Pressotherapy device.

Benefits of Zemits Hydroluxx treatments:
  • improved skin tone and texture;
  • reduction in fine lines and wrinkles;
  • deep hydration of the skin;
  • improved oxygenation and blood flow;
  • reduced/improved acne scarring;
  • improved uneven pigmentation;
  • reduction in skin congestion, blackheads, etc.


Microdermabrasion utilises an abrasive diamond cut tip or a crystal blasting technology combined with a vacuum to exfoliate keratinised cells in the superficial layer of the skin. Also great for exfoliating oily and congested skin. It improves skin radiance and helps fade dark spots or other types of hyperpigmentation.

While it is not painful, it can feel slightly rough and uncomfortable due to the dry exfoliation, as no serums are infused or applied throughout the treatment. Instead, a topical mask is often applied to soothe the skin after exfoliation.

Which one to choose?

Both treatments approaches target an exfoliation of the skin. A Hydrodermabrasion with Hydroluxx keeps skin hydrated and is less aggressive than traditional microdermabrasion.

Zemits HydroLuxx offers modern dermabrasion and is often referred to as fluid or wet dermabrasion. The result is similar to a microdermabrasion treatment, but also has the added benefit of improving circulation and hydrating the skin. This procedure also boosts collagen production, which has an anti-ageing effect on the skin.

The skin is the first thing that people notice about us, so it’s a must to have regular treatments and maintenance. We always recommend visiting only a qualified, professionally trained skin specialist and taking advantage of personalised, face-to-face consultations before treatment.

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