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Expanding your business with the tattoo removal service: benefits, profit potential, treatment features

Recent figures show that millions of people are getting new tattoos every year. Tattoos are originally intended to be permanent artistic expressions etched into your skin.

However, as time passes, you might regret these inked designs due to their potential impact on your personal life, career, or even your love life.
This predicament becomes quite significant because tattoos are inherently resilient. The ink pigments, deeply embedded beneath your skin, consist of particles too substantial for your body to naturally expel, necessitating a method to disintegrate them, such as laser tattoo removal.
Laser tattoo removal emerges as an increasingly convenient solution to address this issue. It enables the elimination of tattoos with minimal harm to the surrounding skin, consequently allowing you to steer clear of the unfavourable side effects associated with more traditional tattoo removal methods.

The Growing Popularity of Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal has become a highly desired procedure, as approximately a quarter of individuals in the UK now sport at least one tattoo, and 17% want to remove their inked art. This tattoo removal trend is poised to persist, with an anticipated annual growth rate of 5.5% projected from 2021 to 2028.

The Profit Potential in Laser Tattoo Removal

Incorporating laser tattoo removal into your aesthetic business can yield substantial profits. On average, a single session of laser tattoo removal in the UK commands a fee of approximately £200, and most clients typically undergo 6-10 sessions.

This translates to a potential revenue of £1,200 to £2,000 generated by a single client for your business. The cost of a laser tattoo removal treatment varies, contingent on factors like size and intricacy, ranging from £60 to £500 per session in the UK.

Clients often necessitate multiple sessions, usually spanning between 3 to 10, depending on variables such as the tattoo's size and colour, its age, and the client's skin type.

Types of Lasers Used for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal involves the utilisation of various laser technologies, each offering its unique advantages and limitations. The Q-switched laser stands as the most widely employed method for this purpose. This laser excels at precisely targeting tattoo ink particles without causing harm to the surrounding skin. Q-switched lasers are available in a range of wavelengths, chosen based on the specific colour of the tattoo ink. For example, the 1064nm wavelength is effective for erasing black and dark blue inks, while the 532nm wavelength eliminates red, orange, and yellow inks.
In addition to the Q-switched laser, the Alexandrite laser is another valuable tool in tattoo removal. It specialises in removing green and blue ink, utilising a 755nm wavelength and showing optimal results for individuals with fair skin. On the other hand, the Pico laser uses even shorter pulses than the Q-switched laser, allowing for the removal of a broader spectrum of ink colours, including challenging shades like green and blue.

Number of Sessions Required for Optimal Results

The number of sessions required to achieve optimal results varies based on several factors: the tattoo's size, colour, complexity, and the specific laser employed. A series of sessions spaced several weeks apart is commonly necessary to attain the desired outcome. During each session, the practitioner wields a handheld laser device to administer pulses of laser energy to the tattooed area.
This laser energy initiates the breakdown of ink particles into smaller fragments that can subsequently be absorbed and expelled by the body's immune system.
It's crucial to remember that the laser tattoo removal process can entail discomfort, and clients may experience unease during the procedure. Following the treatment, clients may encounter redness, swelling, and even blistering in the treated area, constituting a normal part of the healing process. The practitioner will guide adequate care for the treated area to prevent infection and ensure a smooth recovery.

Choosing the Right Laser Technology

Selecting the appropriate laser technology is a pivotal step in ensuring the best outcomes for tattoo removal. At Zemits UK, we present our latest top-tier laser tattoo removal machine, Zemits Ogmalaze, incorporating cutting-edge technology to guarantee safe and efficient results. Our machines are skillfully engineered to effectively target a diverse spectrum of tattoo ink colours and can be tailored to match your requirements. In addition, we extend expert training and ongoing customer support to enhance the effectiveness of your laser tattoo removal services.

Introducing the Zemits Ogmalaze Tattoo Removal Laser

Redefine your client's journey and embrace a world without unwanted tattoos. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology as we revolutionise the tattoo removal process. Our state-of-the-art solution ensures a safe, precise, and highly effective experience, erasing tattoos of various sizes, colours, and complexities.

Say goodbye to regrets and unlock a fresh canvas with our remarkable ND YAG Q-Switch laser technology. Witness as it meticulously targets and breaks down tattoo ink, allowing your skin to reclaim its natural beauty gradually. Let the transformation unfold, and witness the magic of our Laser Tattoo Removal solutions.

Step into a future free from the constraints of tattoos. Explore the limitless possibilities and embark on a journey towards self-expression without limitations.
Results after the procedure
Individual treatment results may vary depending on the unique physiological characteristics of the patient and the number of procedures in the course of treatment.

Three applicators are available to solve a wide range of your client's concerns:

⭐️ Ogma-B applicator with a wavelength of 1064 nm effectively removes black and blue tattoos, permanent make-up of lips, eyebrows and eyes, post-traumatic pigmentation and birthmarks.

⭐️ Ogma-R applicator with a wavelength of 532 nm: suitable for removing coloured tattoos with red or ginger pigment and line tattoos of eyebrows, lips, and eyes. It also effectively eliminates freckles.

⭐️ Ogma-C 1320 nm carbon peeling applicator: laser carbon facial treatment of skin irregularities, wrinkles and age blemishes.
Extra features: Carbon peeling

It helps to improve oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, rough/uneven skin texture and acne.

Using a unique, formulated carbon liquid applied to the face with the powerful and versatile Zemits Q-Switch laser, the carbon peel treatment exfoliates the skin, unclogs and tightens pores, reduces oil production and smooths rough and uneven skin texture.

During the treatment, the laser impacts the dermis, that is, deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibres. It helps eliminate wrinkles and narrow pores and restore natural elasticity.
If you’re interested in adding laser tattoo removal to your aesthetic business, our team can guide you through everything from selecting the right equipment to pricing strategies and marketing tactics.

Contact us today to learn how laser tattoo removal can help you grow your business and increase your profits.

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