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Myostimulation machine

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An electromyostimulator can make a muscle work at 100% of its contractility, while voluntary muscle contractility is 30% of its potential. Impressive, isn't it? Modern cosmetology uses myostimulation for body shaping by strengthening and increasing muscle mass. Myostimulation is actively used in beauty salons and for lymphatic drainage. The Zemits Stimul Pro myostimulation device is one of the most powerful and effective professional myostimulation devices. The top device among analogues, promotes weight loss, restores muscle tone, corrects figure flaws.

This is a great investment in your business! Why?
High profitability and quick payback of the device - in just 5-6 weeks
40 intensity levels allow you to choose the optimal one for each client
Low cost of consumables - the cosmetologist uses only conductive gel.

Myostimulation technique
The essence of the bridging technique is the effect of a pulsed current on the nerve endings which causes muscle contractions. This happens in order to correct the figure, activate lipolysis, increase tissue tone and to strenghten the muscular frame of the face and body. Myostimulation helps to strengthen and prepare even very weak muscles and those muscles that are normally difficult to train under normal conditions, for example; the muscles of the inner thigh. During the procedure, lymph and blood circulation improves, metabolism is activated and body fat decreases.
Effects of myostimulation
Restoration of tone and the build up of muscle mass.
Improving metabolism.
Vitalisation of blood and lymph flow.
Reducing the volume of "problem areas".
Correction of facial contours and the visual smoothing of wrinkles.
Reduction of cellulite.

Advantages of the attachments of the Zemits Stimul Pro:
Zemits Stimul Pro is one of the few devices with a wide variety of attachments: for the face, for the chest, medium for the body, and small for small areas of the body.
A total of 14 pairs of nozzles are included in the device:
Face attachments - disposable electrodes measuring 43x43 mm, which can be simply glued like a plaster - an ideal solution for facial myostimulation, since attachment in the usual way (using bandages) is not suitable.
Breast attachments - made in the shape of a horseshoe and are great for working out the muscles of the chest, the diameter of the attachments is 115 mm.
Medium attachments - round electrodes, universal attachments for working out the body, have a diameter of 85 mm and are great for the muscles of the legs, abdomen, back, buttocks.
Small tips - round electrodes, ideal for working out hard-to-reach areas during training and for small areas - arms, legs, abdomen. Working surface diameter - 55 mm.

Results after 3 Stimul Pro treatment
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