Zemits DermeLuxx™ Pro
Fluid HydroDermabrasion

The New Low-Consumables
HydroDiamond™ Technology

The Zemits DermeLuxx™ PRO System is a 3-in-1 Platform:
  • HydroDermabrasion
  • Sprayer with Oxygen Serums
  • Cooling Application

Why aestheticians love zemits dermeluxx™:

  • Instant visual results
  • Most popular treatment in the USA and Europe
  • Low consumable expenses: Save up to £9,000/year on consumables
  • Superior Exfoliation & Extractions
  • 2-Year Warranty
Zemits DermeLuxx™ PRO has received a prestigious nomination from Dermascope (USA) for the 'Favorite HydroDermabrasion System' award.

Must-have for every spa

  • Millions of Dermabrasion treatments are performed annually worldwide.
  • Exfoliation and cleansing are facials that are industry-leading services.

With the exclusive HydroDiamond™ Technology, you will achieve superior HydroExfoliation and Extractions using a patented simultaneous Diamond and HydroDermabrasion technology.
Both treatments are performed simultaneously with the most cost-effective technology in the UK market
Spend Less - Earn More with Zemits!
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DermeLuxx™ PRO


Apply serum directly on the skin, based on skin concerns and type, for chary distribution. Experience zero leaks or drips with the HydroDiamond™ Technology.

  • Achieve 4X enhanced exfoliation with our exclusive dual Diamond surface tip.
  • Experience excellent extractions on loosened pores with softened blackheads.
  • Flush your system for maintenance and collect debris without wasting serum.

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Professional Beauty
Thousands of aestheticians worldwide express their enthusiasm for the latest skin exfoliation technology introduced by Zemits. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly combines the essential attributes of hydrodermabrasion and microdermabrasion, offering a distinctive and advanced exfoliation solution.
In the Zemits HydroDiamond facial protocol with the Dermeluxx Pro, instead of dispensing the serum from a jar, the new approach involves directly applying the serum to the facial skin using a fan brush.

the monthly business magazine for UK
Vanessa Loizou
Zemits Dermeluxx Pro, a true game-changer in the realm of facial technology. This 3-in-1 HydroDiamond facial system combines the power of oxygen and cold therapy, delivering unparalleled results for her clients.
The esteemed non-surgical beauty practitione
Expertos en Estética
Leading professional magazine in Spain
Kara Ball
The Zemits Dermeluxx has made the biggest impact on my business. The results are incredible; all of my clients are absolutely loving it. I'm so passionate about caring for skin. It's been the most booked treatment so far this year, and all of my clients are absolutely loving the results: instant glowing, instant hydration, and just really, really positive feedback.
The Aesthetic specialist & trainer
Gina Maltese
DermeLux great for anti-aging, clogged pores, hyperpigmentation, hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, and so on. I do recommend this to all of my fellow estheticians, to all of my PAs, and my doctors that I have worked for, any Med spas that I have been in. It's the number one selling facial that I do in my own very practice, and I personally love using it myself. So, I would totally recommend a 10 out of 10 for the DermeLuxx. Thank you!
Licensed medical Aesthetician
Grace Nunez
Incredible skin rejuvenation with HydroDiamond™ from Zemits Dermeluxx Pro.

This procedure will help eliminate dead skin cells, remove blackheads, and make the skin cleaner and brighter. The procedure has unique features of rejuvenation with a comprehensive protocol that includes cleansing, oxygen mesotherapy, and cryotherapy.
licensed cosmetologist, Dallas, USA
Lia Montalvo
In my treatment room, I use the Zemits Dermeluxx machine. My guests have nothing but great things to say about their results with this treatment. They love that deep clean feeling, they love the way it retexturizes their skin, and the glow that they're left with for days after. I personally love being able to bring my guests advanced treatments like this at such a great price, and I hope to bring them more treatments from Zemits in the future.
Licensed aesthetician, Massachusetts, USA
Lexi Wood
I own my own spa in the Charlottesville area. I am an owner of the Dermeluxx by Zemits. Absolutely love it! Was on the fence at first, but it's definitely worth the investment. Low consumable fees, it's very complexl. My clients love it. It's amazing!
Licensed aesthetician
Jasmine Coppedge
I have the Verstand Pro, the CoolRestore, and the Dermeluxx. So, this is a great brand. I love all our machines. With all three of these, there's not a look that I can't do; there's not a skin concern that I can't address. It's the best lineup.
Shekinah Garner
Licensed Cosmetologist, USA
I love the DermeLuxx by Zemits! This is my favorite hydroderm machine that I've ever used. I've been licensed for over 20 years and this is the best one that I have found. And one of the main reasons is the interesting function of the waist jar.
So the waist jar on this system is so unique from other systems because it is so small. You're getting about 100 treatments from one bottle versus like six treatments probably in traditional systems. That's a huge difference!
a board-certified aesthetician, TV star
Lavao Skincare
Zemits Dermeluxx - system that combines advanced serums with hydrodiamond exfoliation to deliver instantly radiant and healthy-looking skin.
Sophie Olivia Aesthetics
Introducing DERMELUXX

DermeLuxx is a state of the art technology that combines fluid vacuum extraction, chemical peeling and fluid diamond exfoliation combined with oxygen infusion & cryo therapy for the ultimate skin rejuvenation.
Advanced Facial Specialist
Mercedes Valencia
DermeLuxx Pro is my favorite device in the salon. There are three reasons why every beautician needs to have such a device: 1) the cost of serums is very low, as they are applied directly to the skin; 2) it offers oxygen mesotherapy, which is appropriate almost everywhere, for aging skin, and simply to glow. 3) thanks to the cryo handle, I can easily work with sensitive skin, and there are many such clients.
Star esthetican, USA
The Dermeluxx Pro is the most top tier system when it comes to deep pore cleaning and delivering instant radiant skin within the first session. This facial is performed on wet skin where the serum is applied with a fan brush followed by gentle hydrodiamond exfoliation to gently vacuum debris, blackheads and whiteheads from the skin.
Licensed masseuse, cosmetologist, USA
David Siado
I am more than excited about this technology. I have tried other dermabrasion options, but there are significant reasons to go with this technology.

When you try this and see the results we get in the first session, you will want to come every week 😂🤣.
Esthetician, USA
The company presents innovative HydroDiamond™ technology, combining the benefits of hydrodermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion. This breakthrough technology allows for the application of cosmetic serum with minimal consumption – only 5 ml of product is needed to achieve deep absorption of active ingredients. This emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of each treatment.
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Jillian Salatas
Zemits DermeLuxx PRO is a 3 in 1 treatment!

I am loving this new modality! If you’re looking to up your facial treatments this year I highly recommend Zemits DermaLuxx PRO
Marisela Cervantes
The Dermeluxx Ultimate Facial is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 😍 I am blown away at how clean my skin feels & feel even more proud that I am able to provide this treatment to my clients & can GUARANTEE they will love their results, every time.
Licensed Esthetician, USA
The Zemits company presents the Zemits DermeLuxx Pro, a device designed for professional use in cosmetic clinics. It is a next-generation skin care device that utilizes advanced HydroDiamond™ skin cleansing technology.

Nueva Estetic

Offer Oxygen Mesotherapy and Cooling treatment as ADD-ONS to:

  • Maximise client satisfaction
  • Improve salon retention
  • Increase average service price


By providing HydroDiamond™ facial and its sought-after additional features, you have the potential to generate as much as £60,000* in yearly income by conducting just one treatment day!

This estimate is calculated on the basis of a 5-7 day work week, across 50 weeks per year, with a 2 HydroDiamond facial priced at £120, and £175 when including extra services.


Enhance the Zemits DermeLuxx™ PRO Experience with this post-exfoliation treatment, offering immediate hydration and a radiant glow.

This treatment deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin with tailored, potent ingredients.

Made from robust stainless steel, this easy-care spray gun ensures enduring performance.


The Zemits DermeLuxx™ PRO Cryo Application Handpiece is a game-changer for skincare professionals. This expertly crafted tool offers a gentle, cold touch, perfect for post-treatment soothing.

This 100% Holistic and safe wellness treatment.
Designed as the finale for the DermeLuxx PRO service, it elevates the aesthetic experience, letting clients relish in calmness and emerge with rejuvenated skin.

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