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The Zemits CoolRestore device, equipped with advanced holistic CryoElegance technology, stands out in the skin care industry. This innovative CRYO Technology offers a unique, efficient, cost-effective solution for cold-associated skin rejuvenation and wellness Cryo treatments.

Maintaining a consistent extra-low temperature application allows aestheticians to offer high-value, popular Cryo services at a significant profit margin. This approach ensures rapid ROI and high profitability, making it an attractive choice for professionals and their clients seeking nothing less than premium care, ensuring the highest quality of service.
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CoolTouch Facial with The CRYOELEGANCE™ Technology

Naturally, Cold therapy has a tremendous positive impact on the skin by constricting and toning blood and lymphatic vessels. This eventually leads to improved skin immune response and helps to prevent premature skin ageing caused by skin inflammation and sun damage. Cold impact, in general, is well known for its positive ability to stimulate blood circulation upon contrast temperature stimulation, enhancing oxygenation and nourishing skin cells, leading to a brighter and healthier complexion.

The CryoElegance technology is designed to precisely and safely cool the skin down. Doing so naturally helps the skin rejuvenate, accelerates pores tightening, and can even increase skin appearance with less visual fine lines and wrinkles through its innovative, controlled cooling mechanism when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Maximize Profits, Minimize Expense: The Smart Profit Path with CryoElegance

The CryoElegance technology offers remarkable operational cost efficiency, significantly reducing expenses with a consumable cost of only as low as £2 per treatment. This stark contrast to competitors' £30-£800 consumable cost, coupled with a procedure pricing range of £150 to £250, underscores its economic operation.

This approach positions it as a leading choice for skincare professionals due to its advanced capabilities and its ability to deliver highly effective treatments, ensuring substantial profit margins.
Jasmine Coppedge
I have the Verstand Pro, the CoolRestore, and the Dermeluxx. So, this is a great brand. I love all our machines. With all three of these, there's not a facial that I can't do; there's not a skin concern that I can't address. It's the best lineup.
Licensed Cosmetologist
Chandelier Golic
Guys, Chandela here, sharing some of the things that I love about my cool resource system with Zemits. I absolutely love the ability to change the intensity. As you can see here, you can do strong, moderate, or gentle, so any client that is trying to receive tightened, toned, and lifted results is going to love this treatment. What's really great is that the profit margin for your business is going to skyrocket. So, make sure you head over and check out this device!

Licensed esthetician
I've been an esthetician for 40 years. I've been looking for cryotherapy, and the one from Zemits fits exactly what I need
Élévatione Spa & Beauty
The Zemits machines are of excellent quality, and our clients are always satisfied with the results they get from each one! After using the Hydroverstand and Cool Restore machines, we have taken some before-and-after pictures, and the difference is incredible!
Allyria Dos Santos
Like using a device from the future. A smart phone display linked with "Cryo" based technology takes you right out of Sci-Fi movies, not only does the device perform at a level far beyond my expectations but it could not look 'cooler' while doing so. A sleek innovative design is the cherry on top of the already well-baked cake.
Dorota Dottie
Advanced Facials and Body treatments.

🔥Heat Shock Body Slimming : Radiofrequency Combined with 🥶cryotherapy for the Reduction of Localized Subcutaneous Fat

Combining RF with cryotherapy🥶in one single session is safe and effective for localized unwanted fat reduction in patients with localized subcutaneous fat problems.
Bri Caperello
🧊 This beauty is responsible for so many amazing results for the Face & Body!
Ramona Ciovica
Cryotherapy offers an effective solution without going under the knife!
Zemits CoolRestore Elegance performs an advanced treatment.
The Beauty Room
Nimi Kaur
There’s no surgery required. Losing weight is difficult. There’s no arguing that. Even if we exercise every day, it’ll take quite a long time for us to lose weight and get rid of fat. That’s not the case with this machine. CryoSculpting treatment is a safe body contouring procedure that’ll remove up to 25% fat cells. Nothing’s wrong with your body. But putting on too much weight can be detrimental to our health. Get rid of fat and lose weight easily with the CoolRestore machine.
Transformative Skin Expert
I own a beauty salon in Glasgow. I've been using the Zemits Coolrestore for the last eight months, roughly. I've got a lot of clients who are so happy with the results. I use it for myself as well, and I'm so happy I can see your results after like between seven to 14 days. But obviously, we need, you know, a few session to do it. Uh, but you can lose a lot of inches during a single session after just a few sessions. So, so I'm happy, and my clients are happy as well.
Beauty salon owner
Our New Cool Restore Elegance machine is AMAZING! Results speak for themselves!
The forever results we all want…
A life changing treatment!
Licensed Esthetician and educator
Skin Serenity Spa
Why CryoFacial? 1.Minimizes pores and tightens skin 2.Promotes blood circulation 3.Reduces puffiness and appearance of dark circles 4.Promotes collagen production 5.Soothes acne and inflammation
This is one of our VIP treatments included in our list of benefits!!!
❄️Zemits Coolestore Elegance is a state-of-the-art cryotherapy treatment that offers a wide range of comprehensive treatment protocols.
Skin & Laser Clinic Birmingham
Chandalli Gullick
🥰 So excited to offer this firming advance skincare treatment in my studio ✨
The Cool Elegance.
The Ultimate Cooling Experience!
This state-of-the-art CoolRestore Elegance treatment offers a powerful, safe, and non-invasive cooling treatment that delivers optimal cooling to targeted areas, resulting in rejuvenated, tightened skin and reduced local fatty deposits.
Licensed Esthetician
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Why CryoElegance?

  • Incredibly Fast ROI: This is a great booster and source of profit for your spa.
  • Very Low Consumable Cost: All you need is gel. No costly serums or coolant to run the system are needed.
  • 100% Holistic and Non-Invasive: It naturally helps the skin in its rejuvenation, accelerates pores tightening, and can even increase skin appearance with less visual fine lines and wrinkles through its innovative, controlled cooling technology.

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